Shandong: production safety accidents all carry out “four in one” backward investigation and accountability

2022-08-14 0 By

, qilu evening news reporter Yu Minxing JiLuYi point, for the implementation of the shandong provincial party committee, the provincial government on safe production and the attitude construction, punish corruption, which putting the “four one” deepened deployment requirements, February 14, the provincial committee office “about” four one “notice on strengthening the accident investigation and handling work (hereinafter referred to as” notice “).”Notice” requirement, for the safe production responsibility accident which happened in shandong are from safety production, the style of cadres, the cultivation of clean government, police and careful investigation and comprehensive down to check the production safety situation, work implementation, supervision and inspection, the project construction situation, as well as the disciplinary violations, illegal problems, accident treatment and responsibility strictly.Focus on work safety, focus on strengthening safety education and training, investigation and rectification of hidden problems, strengthen supervision and law enforcement, urge enterprises to implement the responsibility of work safety responsibility and other aspects.Focus on the work style construction, focus on strengthening the work style construction, rectify the work style outstanding problems, the implementation of capacity improvement and service at the grass-roots level and other aspects of responsibility.Focus on the punishment of corruption, focusing on strengthening the prevention and control of risks to clean government, strengthening daily supervision and management, and carrying out special rectification of work safety service institutions.We will focus on cracking down on gang-related crimes, focusing on the responsibility of launching a special campaign to “root out the root and clean up the source” and severely punishing the “protection umbrella” for gang-related crimes.According to the introduction, the accident investigation team carries out the investigation leader responsibility system, through strengthening the communication and cohesion with the discipline inspection and supervision organs, organizational departments, political and legal organs, explore the establishment of early intervention, close cooperation, consultation linkage, efficient operation of accident investigation and coordination working mechanism.Violations of discipline, regulations and laws discovered in the investigation shall serve as an important basis for determining the responsible units and responsible persons to fulfill their main responsibility and supervisory responsibility.Relevant clues shall be handed over to relevant departments in time according to procedures and regulations, and opinions on handling shall be put forward in accordance with regulations and disciplines.