It’s snowing in Wuhan. You can make a snowman

2022-08-14 0 By

The day before yesterday, I woke up in the morning, opened the curtain, white, really too excited.Wuhan from years ago began to say that snow, snow, and finally achieved.When is the last snowman, has no impression, then go down with her husband snowman, snowball fights.There are already many snowmen in the community, big and small, one after another.The husband is to use the way of snowballing, for a while to the snowman’s body rolled out, a huge one, I next to the hand holding snow a little pile up.Finally, there was something wrong with the pile, because the snowman’s body was too fat and round, and finally the snowman turned into a snow bear.Anyway, the final results, is also terrible to see, but the process is still very happy ~ last night also specially went to see, all melted, this snow is really come fast go fast!