How should family members pick up prisoners when they are released from prison?

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I have to be there to tell you.No hearsay, no gossip, no story, straight to the point.On the 21st, the prison made a phone call to inform a long’s family, saying that a Long would be released on the 23rd, and asked a Long’s family to send someone to the prison to pick up a long.A long’s wife was so happy that she would finally see her husband.At 8 o ‘clock on the morning of the 23rd, the prison called a long’s wife again and said who would pick up a long today. A Long’s wife said that a long’s brother-in-law would pick up a long.The prison police officer asked a long’s brother-in-law to wait in the reception hall of the prison’s convenience service center with his ID card, new clothes and shoes for A Long.The waiting area for the families of prisoners is repeated here, and please remember: the person who picks up prisoners from prison should bring his/her ID card, and bring new clothes and shoes for prisoners released from prison.Nothing else is needed.Someone on the net disorderly chicken ba nonsense want so so of what formalities prove ah, full he hemp of irresponsible nonsense!Nothing!Super simple and convenient.In addition, the person who picks up the released prisoner can be one of his relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. It is not specified that the next of kin of the released prisoner must come to pick up the released prisoner.At 8:30 on the morning of The 23rd, A Long’s brother-in-law arrived at the convenience service reception center of the prison on time.The prison Convenience Center is not inside the prison, but on an unremarkable side street across from it.The prison convenience service center, from the outside, looks a little too low-key, like a small logistics storefront for delivery, but a “convenience service center” plaque on the door is eye-catching.This information came to a long’s brother-in-law after he got off the bus and asked the prison security guard.The convenience center, which measures about 20 square meters, has toilets, iron chairs, mobile phones that can’t be charged, and stickers on the walls telling people to get released.The convenience service center **** learned from the warm tips that the exact time of release of prisoners is 9:30~10:00 in the morning.Remember: inmates get out of prison at 10:00 am!Never after ten o ‘clock!This proves the truth of the myth that serving time in jail doesn’t cost you a minute less or more sitting!At 9:00, the prison guards broadcast the list of prisoners released from prison on the prison radio, and informed their relatives to wait in the convenience service center, prison guards are coming.After a while, the guards came out of the prison gate to the prison convenience service center, and the relatives of the released prisoners took away their ID cards one by one.While receiving id cards from the relatives, the guards also asked them to label the bags containing the clothes the prisoners will wear when they are released from prison.**** note: the new clothes and shoes for the prisoners released from prison should not be packed together with bags (such as suitcases, big satchels and leather cases), but with one or two large plastic packing bags used by supermarkets.Big purses, like suitcases, are not allowed in the prison.Remember?After the guards take away the id cards and clothes of the relatives, they walk to the closed prison gate and talk on the intercom outside the gate. The closed iron gate opens.When the guards went in, the gate quickly closed again.Around 9:40 a.m., the prison gate with its logo opened again, and a long and five other smiling prisoners followed the guards out to the convenience center where relatives were picked up.During the whole process of release, there was no verbal communication or eye contact between the prison guards and the prisoners.So, you can just watch the movies and TV shows in the future. Some prison jails say to the released prisoners in earnest, it’s all nonsense!/ P Your eyes!However, when each released prisoner comes out of prison, his eyes really do not look back to the prison!This is true!No lies!At 9:50, the guards returned the id cards to the relatives of the detainees, and the prisoners and the guards dispersed in different directions with expressionless faces.Therefore, the Internet says that prisoners and their families cannot and will not say “thank you” to prison guards. This is true!The usual “thank you”, in this particular context, that really can’t be said!Unless you want to go back to jail.I have to say, this prison guard job, it seems.You think this is the end of the pickup?No, not yet.Above this is only the prisoners and the prison completely cut off, below also for the prisoners to clean up.They can’t go home right away.According to the rules, the first meal a released prisoner eats at home is best eaten in a restaurant as the best choice.Why?Released prisoners should not bring the musty smell of prison home to avoid bad luck.It’s not superstition, it’s finesse.Before having a meal, the prisoner must be invited to the barber shop for a haircut, a good haircut on a hair repair a face.Cut out the old hair of the past, grow a new future.After a haircut and a trim of any remaining beard or ear fluff, the ex-convicts are given a hot shower in a hotel room to wash away the dust completely and make a clean break with the past.At this point, catch the wind and dust off the gavel.Now, pick up your glass and toast to the new beginning of the new journey for the released prisoners!This is how prisoners are greeted by their families when they come out of prison.If you have any questions, see you in the comments section.