Various forms!The qingming Festival in southeast Guizhou to commemorate the martyrs

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Pay tribute to the fallen and never forget their loyalty.In order to inherit the martyrs will, carry forward the revolutionary tradition, to create a strong atmosphere of remembering the martyrs, advocating the martyrs, learning the martyrs.Recently, various activities to remember the martyrs have been held in southeast Guizhou before qingming Festival.Qiandongnan Prefecture veterans Affairs Bureau members lead some party members to the Jinquanhu Martyrs Cemetery in Qiandongnan Prefecture, southwest China’s Guizhou province, April 2, 2019.In order to remember the heroic deeds of revolutionary martyrs, inherit the glorious tradition of revolutionary martyrs, and advocate the new custom of civilized sacrifice, primary and secondary schools in Kaili have carried out a series of activities of “online sacrifice to heroes”.Organize students to use information technology classes to log in the online column of China Heroes to express their sincere respect and deep memory for the martyrs by bowing, laying flowers, lighting wax and leaving messages.Danzhai is when a year purebrightness, as the memory of revolutionary martyrs, red inheritance history, carry forward the spirit of patriotism, on the morning of April 2, danzhai veterans affairs bureau party branch to danzhai martyrs cemetery in the memory of martyrs salute heroes “qingming martyrs thematic party day activity, global, party members and cadres, weeding, wipe the tombstone sweeps the floor to the revolutionary martyrs,To express reverence for the revolutionary martyrs.Shibing County in the tomb-sweeping Day approaching, in order to promote the work of changing customs in the new era, promote civilization, frugality, environmental protection, safety of worship new wind.Shibing County Veterans Affairs Bureau carried out the “Qingming Ceremony to offer sacrifices to heroes · Hand-made chrysanthemums to send mourning” volunteer service activities, the worship of martyrs into their own hand-made chrysanthemums, the practice of green, civilized, frugal worship.At the same time, the production of the characteristics of Shi Bing “2022? Endeavor? Online memorial martyrs” online platform, and released through the county veterans Affairs Bureau wechat public number, so that martyrs’ relatives, friends and relatives and the masses can be through the online platform for worship, flowers, bow, text comments and other forms of grief.Cengong County qingming will be to inherit the martyrs will, carry forward the revolutionary tradition.Cengong County People’s Armed Forces Department, county veterans affairs Bureau organized party cadres and some veterans on behalf of the county martyrs cemetery to carry out memorial activities, cleaning the environment, wipe the tombstone, and organize to review the military oath activities.Tianzhu County in the Qingming Festival is approaching, Tianzhu County veterans affairs bureau organized all party members and cadres to wipe tombstones, clean the cemetery environmental sanitation activities, to create a solemn, fresh, clean memorial environment, with practical actions to remember the revolutionary martyrs.Jinping county in order to create a good atmosphere of advocating, watching and inheriting the spirit of the martyrs, promote the fine tradition of military support and outstanding families, recently, Jinping county organized young people to visit the Longavenue Martyrs Cemetery to pay their respects, remember the memorial, student representatives to the martyrs memorial flower basket, and pay tribute to the revolutionary martyrs in silence.The revolutionary martyrs’ spirit of patriotism and sacrifice deeply moved every young people present.Students have said: “is the revolutionary martyrs with blood for our happy life today, we have to study hard, better serve the motherland in the future.”Congjiang County in the tomb-sweeping Day approaching, in order to remember the revolutionary martyrs, promote patriotism, recently, from jiangxian county c sister town yong Li village primary school organization campus customs committee members and young Pioneers to carry out from jiangxian Martyrs Cemetery “memory of the revolutionary martyrs, inherit the red gene” Tomb-sweeping day memorial activities.”Today we can study happily in the spacious and bright classroom, are revolutionary martyrs with blood for the ancestors, I must study hard in the future, strive to be a good team member of the new era, grow up for the construction of the motherland…Young pioneers roll Yuqiao said.Leishan County in the Tomb Sweeping Day approaching, in order to do a good job during the epidemic prevention and control of tomb Sweeping martyrs work, Leishan County actively advocate civilized, simple, green and low-carbon new trend of tomb sweeping, from the repair of martyrs memorial facilities, cleaning mausoleum, carry out “network” “relatives of the tomb sweeping” and other aspects of the solid work of the tomb sweeping service.Guizhou daily day news reporter Cheng Xing editor Liu Juanyang Tao editor Min Jie