How to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from “Yangtze Cloud”?Wuhan Jianghan District safety publicity into thousands of households

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Every winter and spring, carbon monoxide poisoning cases are the peak.In the past, Jianghan District of Wuhan used traditional propaganda modes such as beating drums, distributing brochures, loudspeakers and broadcasting to carry out propaganda and education, which cost a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources.Nowadays, with the development of high technology, Jianghan District Emergency Management Bureau keeps up with the trend of The Times and the pace of science and technology, and adopts a new and new publicity mode, so that the common sense of preventing carbon monoxide poisoning enters into thousands of households and enters into their ears and minds.”What is Carbon monoxide Poisoning?”So how did we prevent it?””Ventilation is important!Important!”During the Spring Festival, “How much do you know to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning” public service propaganda film in the Wushang Moore International Cinema rolling broadcast.During the Spring Festival, as the masses of popular Spring Festival movies hit the theaters one after another, the cinema was packed with people.At this time, the public service publicity film “How much do you Know about Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning” was played, which not only has high publicity coverage, but also has extremely impressive visual and auditory effects when the audience close contact with the large screen of the theater, with deep memory, and has an immediate publicity effect.”Carbon monoxide poisoning is winter and spring season season, frequent period, on Tuesday, in order to ensure the jianghan district the masses through a safe, peaceful, warm Spring Festival, we catch the Spring Festival party huge crowds, across the whole rolling play” to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning know how many “public welfare propaganda, less investment, the effect is good.”Jianghan district emergency management bureau director Wang Jianming said.According to reports, Jianghan district has in Wanda Cinema, Hengdian Film, xuan Palace cinema and other 19 cinemas (city), broadcast anti-carbon monoxide poisoning propaganda film more than 300 times, the total audience of more than 6000 people.”Make sure your stove is sealed before you go to bed,” the outdoor electronic screen says around the clock.”Don’t panic if you find someone poisoned.””Care should be taken to prevent self-poisoning when rescuing a victim.”This is the content of “How much do you know about Preventing Carbon monoxide Poisoning” broadcast at industrial and Trade Household Appliances (Hanghang Road Store) and Wuhan Jiangchen Tian Street.Jianghan District Emergency Management Bureau innovated the publicity mode, made full use of the advantages of commercial outlets in Jianghan District, and rolled the public welfare publicity video “How much Do you Know to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning” in various outdoor shopping malls and large commercial complexes to expand publicity channels and enhance publicity effects.”Outdoor electronic screen is a new publicity channel in recent years, which breaks the static bondage of conventional print advertising, gives people a strong visual impact, and can better attract people’s attention.”Section Li Li, secretary of Wangjiadun community, Wansong Street, Jianghan district, speaks highly of the advantages of outdoor electronic screens.It is reported that Jianghan District has 8 large commercial complexes in the district, the outdoor screen, broadcast “how much prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning” public welfare propaganda.Drone all-round publicity “knock alarm, safety, the midwinter season to the present, carbon monoxide poisoning must be prevented.Carbon monoxide is known to be rampant and deadly in severe cases.Colorless tasteless hypoxia, unknowingly hurt……”A large drone hovers high above wanke City, a high-rise residential complex, as it blares anti-carbon monoxide poisoning jingles over its loudspeaker.The propaganda mode of traditional trumpet and household visit is time-consuming and laborious, and the propaganda effect of this mode is very little.In the publicity, Jianghan District innovative publicity means, according to the different floor structure of each community, with the “fragmentation area, fixed center” way, let the UAV hovering in the air broadcast anti-carbon monoxide poisoning circuit, publicity to remind residents to always pay attention to the use of coal, carbon, gas safety.”Today, we broadcast the knowledge of carbon monoxide poisoning to every household in high-rise residential buildings through the airborne loudspeaker of the drone, so that the awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning can be fully covered and there is no blind corner.”Wang was all smiles as he spoke of the publicity effect of drones.(Correspondent Zhang Wei xu Hongbo) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or 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