Epidemic prevention and control during the long holiday should not be slackened

2022-08-13 0 By

As the Spring Festival holiday approaches, the concentrated movement of people will undoubtedly increase the pressure on epidemic prevention and control.Both to stabilize the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control and to safeguard health and happiness during the Festive season, we are required to strictly implement all prevention and control measures.This Year’s Spring Festival is the third since the outbreak of COVID-19.Compared with the previous two Spring Festivals, departments across China have accumulated more experience in dealing with the epidemic during holidays this year, and their prevention and control capabilities and guarantee capabilities have been significantly enhanced.However, the current epidemic situation in China has also changed. Compared with the novel Coronavirus original strain, the Delta and Omicron variant strains are more stealthly, faster and more powerful in transmission, putting forward new requirements for epidemic prevention and control.To effectively prevent and control the epidemic during the Spring Festival, we need to further enhance our rapid response capacity and focus on the first hurdle.More than two years of prevention and control practice has proved that if we miss the “window period” for the emergence of the virus and expand the spread of the virus, we will overstretch the battle line and easily fall into a passive situation, which will cost a lot of human and material resources.During the Spring Festival, there will be more family gatherings. Therefore, when a new case appears, the chain of transmission should be locked immediately, and those at risk should be controlled precisely to prevent the spread of the virus.To ensure epidemic prevention and control, we need to make scientific and targeted efforts to ensure orderly, powerful and effective prevention and control.At present, many regions have issued epidemic prevention and control policies during the Spring Festival to carefully manage the flow of people.From informing returnees of epidemic prevention policies in advance, to timely screening at railway stations, airports and other key places, to precise monitoring supported by big data, and detailed emergency plans…Prevention and control measures should be tailored to local conditions, guided by different categories and taken by different regions to ensure the safe and orderly flow of people, rather than simply applying a one-size-fits-all approach.Prevention and control of the epidemic requires the efforts of everyone.For individuals, they should strictly abide by local epidemic prevention policies and actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention work, whether they return home for the Spring Festival or spend the Spring Festival in their hometown.Only by timely vaccination, wearing masks, washing hands frequently, avoiding gatherings and eating separate meals, can we ensure the health of ourselves and our families and enjoy more warm moments of reunion.As long as we do not slack off, do not fear, and carefully implement all epidemic prevention and control measures, we will be able to build a solid “firewall” against the epidemic.(Wu Jiajia via Economic Daily News)