Any gun aficionados?A look at the History of Gunners’ jerseys 1886-2022

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By umbro’s time, there was a lot of branding, but for the first ten years it was flat and there was no chest advertising.In the 1980s, it began to feel a bit modern.1969-1986 Umbro 1986-1994 Adidas One 1994-2014 Nike Two decades after Nike, Puma came along, but only for five years.Now Arsenal are wearing three stripes again.What is your favorite Arsenal shirt?Base change password: 1!JxGCXgnPv83!(This public account is non-profit, the content displayed is only for learning, testing, communication, commercial use is prohibited.All resources are uploaded by netizens.If there is any infringement, please provide relevant copyright certificate to this site, it will be deleted immediately after verification.