After breaking five, the New Year really want to leave

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The Start of Spring solar term has just passed, the Winter Olympic Games have officially begun the competition in full swing, unconsciously found that the time has arrived at the fifth day of the lunar New Year.Through the ages, people are still quite concerned about the fifth day of the lunar New Year, affectionately said that he broke five.In other words, from today on, the traditional rules of no garbage, no knife and scissors can be completely forgotten, and everything is back to the way it used to be.In many cities in the north, today is not only a grand firecrackers, but also carefully prepared rich dumplings.There is also a remarkable significance in doing so.The firecracker is also exquisite.It doesn’t matter how big it is, it’s a whole one.Hung from long bamboo poles, lit, the gunners walk through the yard without forgetting anything.According to folk saying, firecrackers have the effect of warding off evil spirits.A hang of firecrackers is set off, the naked eye can not see the unclean, unlucky dirty things, bad luck, etc., all to completely drive out.Having done this, the necessary cleaning will follow.The way and put firecrackers do not have too big difference, can not have dead Angle, the cleaner the better.Thus, the courtyard that has been with us all our lives becomes bright and clean, and the sun shines in, making us feel comfortable and happy, symbolizing a clean and easy future.As the saying goes, comfortable than lying down, delicious nature is dumplings.From the appearance, dumplings resemble ingots, representing the god of wealth.Eat a meal of dumplings, is the hope of a smooth financial year.If the dumplings a few days ago just to eat a meal, filling more and less do not deliberately care about, not today.The filling must be strong enough to make the dumpling plump.The more drum, more can attract the arrival of the god of wealth.In addition, today’s dumpling stuffing to take a knife chop, rather than choose a meat grinder.Gold, wood, water, fire, earth, knife is gold, is a sharp weapon, let alone people, even demons and ghosts see, have to walk around.Hand chop dumpling stuffing, light through banging sound, hidden in the dark corner of the ghost of poverty away, more severe, directly to the ghost of poverty to behead.Isn’t that a great thing?As for making dumplings, work harder.On weekdays, such a package of dumplings is not easy to break the skin, taste extremely delicious, easy to prove that dumplings is how the public really love food.Combined with broken five alone, hard pinch dumpling skin is also in pinch the mouth of the little man.Avoid letting them spread rumors and gossip behind their backs, causing unnecessary trouble.Especially in the countryside, there is also a saying that break five to three full, three full money mountain.First, the water tank is full.Water is the source of life and Chinese people always regard water as wealth.Since it is to meet the god of wealth, it is necessary to be devout, the water tank must be full.Next is the full rice tank.People live by food, without food, it is impossible to survive, let alone develop.Home spare, heart do not panic.Fill up the rice bowl. That makes sense.Every purse is full.As the saying goes, money begets money.If you want more money, have capital.If you fill your purse with money, you will make money.Look at that. Isn’t that fun?To admit that all of the above is just a good life.Really walked into the reality, still have unpredictable cruelty, can happen at any time and anywhere unexpected accidents, only seriously face to resolve, otherwise can only be empty talk.Eat the fifth day of the meal, hard work.Can not say that the first month is the year, but after the fifth day, the New Year really to leave.The road of life in the future is still very long, we still need to move forward down-to-earth.