Work relieved!Small also helps you review “big moves”

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“Holiday ~” feeling this sentence has not been hot to go to work!So what news stories did you miss over the holidays?Let small also give you an inventory:Pounced on qingming festival holiday, CAI qi, ji-ning Chen scheduling and check to the Beijing west railway station, xinfadi epidemic prevention and control and safe production on April 3, is the tomb-sweeping day holiday on the first day, CAI qi, party secretary of epidemic prevention and control of early in the morning through the video system scheduling and production safety work and so on, and to the Beijing west railway station, xinfadi wholesale market for agricultural products inspection, visit condolences to stick to a line of cadres and workers in jobs.April 2 afternoon, also to the city’s three cultural facilities site inspection safety production work.He stressed that the qingming Festival, the movement and gathering of people increased the risk of the spread of the epidemic.All districts, departments and units should adhere to the principle that officials are on duty and people are celebrating the festival, and always keep the string of epidemic prevention and control in mind, make sure that the alarm bell rings in production safety, and do all work strictly and faithfully to ensure the safe, stable and orderly operation of the city, so that the public can enjoy a healthy, safe and civilized Holiday.Chen Jining, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor, Zhang Yankun, deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress arranged the inspection together.On April 3, Yang Xiuling, secretary of the CPC Working Committee, and Liang Sheng, director of the CPC Management Committee, attended the epidemic prevention and control and work safety work in Beijing via video at the economic development Zone.After the meeting, Yang Xiuling led the team to go deep into the business district, cemetery, community, Liang Sheng led the team to inspect the market epidemic prevention, civilized worship, urban operation guarantee and work safety at the construction site, and visited the cadres and workers who adhere to the front line.Kong Lei, Shen Yonggang, Yu Miao, Zheng Haitao and Shen Jinkun, leaders of the Management Committee, accompanied the inspection respectively.Yang Xiuling, secretary of the Working Committee of Beijing Economic Development Zone, inspected the source of cold chain food scanning code on the spot.On April 4, during the Qingming Festival, the movement and concentration of people increased the risk of the spread of the epidemic, especially at a time when there were many cases outside Beijing. Imports from abroad have become the biggest risk of the epidemic prevention and control in Beijing.To keep the hard-won achievements of epidemic prevention and control, to ensure regional security, Beijing new released by the open area, epidemic prevention initiative 51 enterprises again after the open area, epidemic prevention and control responsibility implementation is not standard, a current domestic epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim and complex, to build a Beijing outbreak of defense by the open area, strengthening regional units responsibility consciousness, the “quartet”In order to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention and control, the COVID-19 prevention and control Headquarters of The Beijing Economic and Trade Development Zone (BKEZ) has made public for the second time 51 places whose responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control are not standardized and in place.Beijing “pick the star”, the whole region low risk!COVID – 19 in Beijing on April 5, epidemic prevention and control work 300th press conference, the city, deputy director of the centers for disease control and prevention, national COVID – 19 members pang spark, in the chaoyang district six at the north east tuen streets in eight zhuang community since March 22, upgraded to the risk areas, nearly 14 days no new cases of the local, assessed by the municipal center for disease control and prevention,According to the COVID-19 Risk classification Standard in Beijing, the area has been downgraded from a medium-risk area to a low-risk area since April 5, 2022.So far, Beijing is a low-risk area.After inquiry, it is found that the * (asterisk) after Beijing has disappeared on the travel card of communication big data.On April 2nd, the first mass production machine of Hehua knee surgery robot was officially put into production at the production base of Hehua Medical Technology Co., LTD. (Hehua Surgery) in Beijing Economic development Zone.For more than ten years, combined with independent research and development by the medical industry, countless precise parts have been repeatedly verified and tested. Until January 25 this year, We obtained China’s first domestic joint surgery robot registration certificate. Now, we have started mass production and synchronously launched the market, and Hehua Surgery has realized leapfrog development from technological innovation to achievement transformation.Also bring domestic knee surgery robot “zero breakthrough”.▽ Data picture.Boe MLED, a company based in Beijing Economic Development Zone, and its partner Edmond Overseas Co., LTD. (AOC) have launched the first 34-inch glass-based Mini LED e-sports display.It is reported that the display uses the world’s first AM glass based technology, in the picture quality and picture effect of e-sports games to bring new breakthroughs.▽ Drawings provided by enterprises.Recently, Beijing Tage Zhixing Technology Co., LTD., an enterprise in Beijing Economic development Zone, signed a strategic cooperation contract with Yantai Airui Photoelectric Technology Co., LTD. The two sides will cooperate in the application of infrared thermal imager in the field of unmanned mining vehicle, and jointly create a model of intelligent mining scene.According to the strategic cooperation agreement, both parties will combine their respective advantages and resources, according to the IR – Pilot onboard infrared thermal imager in KuangYongChe unmanned direction of the application, include scientific research and development, technology innovation, marketing and other aspects to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, both sides enterprises to provide a full range of specialty services, improve KuangYongChe unmanned security and reliability of the solution,It can help the safety of unmanned driving in mining area and realize the development of both sides.Beijing public institutions recruit 105 people!In accordance with the requirements of library development, the National Library of China is recruiting 105 graduates in accordance with the Regulations on Personnel Management of Public Institutions and relevant policies on open recruitment of public institutions.Applicants should log in the resume system of national Library (website: to register and register within the specified time.6. Daytime: cloudy to sunny;South wind force 2, 3;The highest temperature in plain area is 15℃, and the highest temperature in mountainous area is 11 ~ 14℃.Minimum relative humidity 20%.6 Night: fine;Winds from south to north force 1 and 2;The lowest temperature in plain area is 5℃, and the lowest temperature in mountainous area is 1 ~ 3℃.During the day today, the sky is more cloudy, and the temperature will drop significantly. The highest temperature in the daytime is around 15℃. We should pay attention to adding clothes in time when going out.Integrated from Beijing local treasure, meteorological Beijing