The “resignation letters” of post-00s college students are very popular, and the boss has a hard time saying that the students are too difficult

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Guide language: now the youngest after 00, has begun to step into the society to open the working life, 00 after the unique style of doing things and work attitude triggered the discussion of public opinion.A recent letter of resignation is hot all over the Internet. In the resignation letter, the post-00 college students said bluntly, let me work overtime, I will leave, so that people do not sigh the post-00 dare to speak.There is such a saying in the workplace, that is, after 80 to high salary job-hopping, leaving.90 after being scolded by the boss, quit after seeing the boss unhappy leave, and 00 after the boss is not obedient leave.Although there is a joke exaggerated suspicion, but to some extent is also a reflection of the 00 post-work quit mentality.So why are the post-00s so bold to say and do?What are the reasons behind them?First of all, the post-00s generation should be the most free of economic pressure and social constraints.They are living in an age of rapid economic development, the contact of the colorful world, most are in their parents after 00, grandma and grandpa’s love grow up, is really a generation without the experience of suffering, they don’t need to burden the family’s life, without too much pressure, not too many reasons, they can be straightforward with injustice and uncomfortable, said.Followed by the development of the network and the popularity of mobile devices, now the flow of information is more and more developed, 00 after work are not confined to a place, a job, they can be alone youth, the parallel bars youth, many young poles, etc., they can development in many aspects, holds the source of information, they can rely on the information exchange for interest, balance your life.In addition, the post-00s now pay more attention to the working atmosphere when they work. They hope that the working atmosphere is consistent with their interests or hobbies. They don’t have too much hierarchy, they can make friends with the boss and play with colleagues.So generally speaking, the post-00s are not lazy or unwilling to work, but they have higher requirements for work, pay more attention to the atmosphere of the company, the requirements of colleagues, and the attitude of the boss.Relative to the stable working environment and state pursued after 70, they pay attention to iron rice bowl and want to work conscientiously and conscientiously, so they will not choose resignation or job-hopping easily.Post-80’s seek change, seek opportunities, choose job-hopping, take work as a springboard, step by step forward, the pursuit of their own ideals.The post-90s began to pay attention to whether the work is pleasant and the happy environment is healthy.Whether it matches their interests and hobbies, 9-5 is their ideal.The post-00s generation is still looking for their own development path. They have just come out of the ivory tower of college and may not have a clear idea of their development plan, so they are constantly trying to adjust, and therefore are regarded as not reliable.Whether it’s 70,80,90 or 00, there are people of all ages who work hard or just scrape by.However, compared with other people, the post-00s pay more attention to the satisfaction of personal value. They live in the happiest years and have the most abundant resources. They have more unconstrained thoughts, but they are bold.It’s in the future.The developing post-00s generation is definitely the main force of innovative talents.In fact, quitting and job-hopping are not all bad, many people just take their jobs as a springboard through constant job-hopping, step by step, and achieve better themselves.Just like students do not like teachers to delay class, we do not like endless overtime at work, too much work time, will shorten our private space and rest time, excessive overtime for personal health and mental state have a great impact.Many post-00s college students just can’t stand it. It is stipulated that they can get off work at 6 o ‘clock, but no one can get off work on time.And there is no overtime allowance for overtime.Maybe as 9080 people, they will find a grand, more acceptable excuse to cover up the real uncomfortable point.But the post-00s are there to expose their discontent.They believe that as long as I am not embarrassed, the embarrassing is others, dare to speak up, is the special label of the post-00s.Many company leaders can not help but wonder why the current graduates of the post-00s are not like the post-80s and post-90s so listen to the distribution, even a decent reason for everyone to leave are not willing to give it?In fact, the new generation of college graduates born in the 2000s have a more open outlook on employment.They think that quitting is not necessarily a loss of an income opportunity, I let them have more time and energy to devote to what they want to do, get more and better returns.So there is a reason why many post-00s make more money than before when they change jobs again.Because their world is relatively broad, see also is more, they can through information and information resources to obtain more economic benefits, to maintain their life state, is not without the dedication to work, but to put in more places the dedication to work, they want to combine, hand grasp, believe in the child just to make a choice, to all adults.But frequent job-hopping can also take its toll.In the eyes of hr departments, frequent job hoppers mean unstable jobs, unstable minds, unable to keep their own track and do things for the company. In their eyes, frequent job hoppers need to be considered.So at the time of leaving, a decent reason for resignation is very necessary, which is related to the next job is smooth, there is no possible black history.For the post-00s, the first thing we need to establish is a correct outlook on employment and career choice.If you want to stay in the society for a long time, a stable state of mind and a correct concept of employment are very important.