Temperature check, code check, wear a mask to the farmers market to buy vegetables prepared “three pieces”

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In songtai farmers’ market, vendors and consumers generally wear masks.As the Spring Festival approaches, the public begin their holiday time one after another. Preparing a meal for their family every day has become a must-do for the public to rest at home.The major farmers markets in urban areas also ushered in the peak passenger flow.However, the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim, and the pressure of “preventing imports from outside and strengthening control from inside” continues to increase. A large number of people gather in the farmers’ market every day. Have the prevention and control measures been implemented in place?Recently, the reporter visited a number of farmers’ markets to explore.Songtai farmers market gate, epidemic prevention personnel are carrying out strict inspection.At the gate of the Songtai Farmers’ Market, the reporter heard the loudspeaker prompt “Wear a mask and show wenzhou epidemic prevention code” playing in a loop at the gate.In order to do a good job of epidemic prevention inspection, songtai agricultural products only opened the east gate and the west gate, and each entrance is equipped with a number of staff for epidemic prevention inspection.As well as having their temperatures measured via a camera, residents entering the market must wear masks and show wenzhou epidemic codes.After entering the market, the reporter saw that the equipment in the market had been updated and changed due to the epidemic prevention and control.At the east gate on the first floor of the market, a new health promotion board was set up to promote health knowledge such as winter epidemic prevention through cartoon images.At the west gate exit, two self-service machines that can collect masks and bags provide convenience for residents who forgot to bring masks.At the same time, the service desk of one station of Ximen is equipped with a real-time electronic display screen, which displays the passenger flow of each period and the number of goods tested this month with clear data charts.Although the quarantine measures at the Songtai Farmers’ Market are relatively complete, there are still areas that need to be strengthened.After entering the market, some customers take off their masks or pull them up to their chins.This reporter arrived at the Puzhou Farmers’ Market in Longwan District, which only opened its main entrance as an entrance.Medical alcohol and free disposable masks were placed at the main gate, and three inspectors directed the orderly entry and exit, asking citizens to wear masks, take their temperatures and show “Wenzhou epidemic prevention code.”As it is near noon, there is not much traffic here.In the farmers’ market, customers and vendors wear masks according to the basic rules. Some vendors also wear rubber gloves to reduce direct contact with customers. Only some employees occasionally show their noses or pull masks down to their chins.At the same time, farmers’ markets will arrange regular inspections to remind vendors who do not wear masks properly to wear masks.Reporters also found that some customers tried to enter from the side of the front door to escape inspection, but would be detected and stopped by the staff.There is strict inspection at the entrance and epidemic prevention and science popularization.At the entrance, there are staff to check the “Wenzhou epidemic prevention code”, and there are signs showing the epidemic prevention code and wearing masks.After entering the market, health education billboards are placed at the door to popularize scientific epidemic prevention knowledge, and there are monitoring temperature measuring points for real-time temperature measurement.Most customers, businesses and health workers wear masks correctly.In the market, there is a testing room for price and quality monitoring.One fly in the ointment was that during my stay, I did not hear a radio or a warm reminder to merchants and customers to wear masks.Disinfection products such as hand sanitizer were also not found in the market, making it difficult for people to disinfect food after choosing it.All articles, pictures copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact to delete