Tianbei Street continues to promote this comprehensive management

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Day for advancing north street district electric bicycle fire safety hazards comprehensive treatment for solid electric bicycle charging security MoPai, examination, publicity and education work, deepening jurisdiction electric bicycle safety hidden trouble, on February 13, day north street organization held a mobilization and deployment of meeting again, electric bicycle regulationStreet working committee secretary Li Gang, working committee deputy secretary, director of the office Xia Yurong, working committee member, deputy director of the office Zhang Fuchao, working committee member Wang Wenbin, fire brigade captain Ma Mingyang and street related department heads attended the meeting.The meeting required all units to maintain a high pressure rectification posture, zero tolerance attitude to continue to carry out the management of illegal parking and illegal charging of electric bicycles, and quantified the daily inspection work, and required all communities (villages) to submit the registration and investigation of electric bicycles in strict accordance with the time node ledger.The meeting required that each village should sort out and summarize the points of electric bicycle charging facilities in their respective areas, speed up the landing point map, and widely publicize it so that residents can choose nearby.Day north street competent leadership led to supervise sustained YeZha work on the night of February 13, committee member wang wenbin led to the north west two community on electric bicycle safety hidden trouble to YeZha, and enter a MoPai electric vehicle usage, with residents’ committees to residents propaganda explanation corridor and the harm of indoor charging, guiding residents to sign the notice and security pledge.In view of the violations found in the inspection of electric bicycles, the owners of the community to park and charge the public carport.At the same time, the requirements of the neighborhood committee, property management, put an end to the occurrence of safety accidents.On February 12, ping an construction office jointly with the property, the neighborhood committee of the dongsan community electric bikes and sundrapery to carry out fire safety hazards inspection, posted notice, and violation of the charging residents for education and rectification.Multi-sectoral linkage to the electric car sales enterprise safety checks on February 14, in the morning, ChengGuanBan, peace for united, had by the market, the district electric merchants business license, purchase channels, battery recycling traceability check, to buy a used car, privately refitting vehicles and batteries and other irregularities told that requires strict safety and improve the safety awareness.Village house two committee, property, building chief, volunteers widely mobilized to actively carry out electric bicycle fire safety control and publicity north Sanbao community team, property, neighborhood committee to check the situation of electric vehicles, and the owner of the letter of commitment, while checking the corridor pile pile materials and other safety risks.Taiping village investigation of electric vehicle safety hidden dangers and signed a letter of commitment.A community two committees into the household, the site posted electric vehicles to inform the registration.Taiping home to clean up the corridor electric car and corridor inside and outside sundries.Xisi community volunteers touch the situation of electric vehicles in snowy days.One community in the west of north row, registration of electric vehicles.North two east community through a variety of ways to track the situation of electric bikes, and for the investigation after the electric bicycle paste logo.Next day north street will continue to intensify propaganda, inspection, and take the wrong peak raids, spot check, such as the effective way of combining, rapid detection of potential safety hazard, accelerate improvement management, timely attention to guide residents masses electric fire prevention knowledge, prevention for electric cars illegal parking charge cause fire accident, to ensure that the security situation stability.Source: Happy life