Guo Tianyu is about to land in the European league, the future is expected to usher in a new peak, fans look forward to

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Recently, zhao Zhen, a famous media personality, revealed guo Tianyu’s new future on social media, and it is certain that he will go to Europe to study abroad.Zhao’s revelation sparked a heated debate among fans, who felt that guo’s move to Europe would be a good thing for him and the national team.Guo Tianyu in this season on behalf of the Taishan team in the Super, he has commendable performance.Guo scored 10 goals for Taishan and became the team’s golden boot scorer.With Guo proving himself in the Chinese Super League, many fans felt it was time for him to go overseas.Guo Tianyu to Europe is not a new thing for fans, before the media has repeatedly regarded him as a popular object to stay abroad.In the list of national players to stay abroad drafted by the Football Association, Guo Tianyu is one of them.Just The news of Guo Tianyu’s stay in Europe, has been in the stage of great thunder and small rain, there is no below behind.So in this case, fans no longer expect Guo to stay in Europe.In addition, Guo Tianyu in taishan team at the end of the season, his performance is really very general, failed to play the level should be.Guo Tianyu has not reported to the national team training camp since she was selected to the 52-man training list, which makes the outside world feel incomprehensible.Later zhao Zhen revealed that Guo Tianyu went to Europe, so If Guo Tianyu really stay in Europe, he will choose which team.With Guo tianyu’s strength, it is unlikely that she will be able to establish herself in the five major European leagues.Guo Tianyu foot technology some rough, and in front of the grab and header ability is very general.Therefore, Guo tianyu’s most pragmatic goal is to play in the second tier of The European league, and then strive to lock the main position.With Guo Tianyu strength of Zhang Yuning, at the beginning is on the map in Holland.At that time, Zhang Yuning came to The European League at the age of 18, and he was able to rely on his own ability to play in the Netherlands.It is worth mentioning that Zhang Yuning also staged two goals in the game, which is to make many fans feel gratified.Zhang Yuning in the outstanding performance of the game, let him knock on the door of the national team.So guo Tianyu if the future can play the Netherlands, is also a good choice.Guo’s ultimate goal in Europe is to prove herself in the big five leagues.I believe that as long as Guo Tianyu continues to perform well, it is a matter of time for her to achieve this goal in the future.Guo Tianyu will talk about Chinese players appearing in Europe again, wu Lei will no longer be alone!