Will the nation’s retirees be divided into three classes?I can’t believe I’m at this level

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If old, wind and frost infected hair, but step by step toward maturity and strong.Growing old is a kind of scenery, even retirement, but also our own joy and happiness.It is said that there are three levels of life after retirement.I like a sentence in the simplest and most difficult thing in life very much: we can waste time, but can’t waste life.We can spend our time doing things we love, but we can’t be trapped in a lifestyle we hate.After retirement, when you leave your job, your time is free all of a sudden, and you don’t know what to do. It’s easy to fall into a life of “doing nothing”.People with a little common sense of life should know that many things can no longer be used if they are left unused for a long time.If a person is trapped in “idle” life for a long time, it is as if he lived in vain.The more idle people are, the more tired they are, the more anxious they are, the more they want to lie down and the less they want to move. As time goes on, they will become more and more sensitive and fragile, and finally they dare not even try to socialize and go out.Such retirement gives us leisure time, but not leisure quality.There is a story about a young monk who was busy from morning till night. One day he asked his master, “Master, I am busy every day. Why haven’t I achieved anything?”The master smiled and asked the young monk to bring over the begging bowl.The master filled the bowl with walnuts, sprinkled rice in it, and finally filled it with water.The master took another bowl, this time filled it with water, then filled it with walnuts and rice, and the water overflowed.Life is like this bowl, if it is filled with small details, every day is busy, but also feel restless.It always feels like time flies in a busy life, like a year.Nothing else but a year older and a few more gray hairs!Busy busy, blind busy a circle, or oblivion in the crowd.Carnegie said, “It is not what you have, who you are, where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy, but what you think about it.”Someone has made the calculation that we spend one-third of our adult lives at work.Then life after retirement can have a big impact on our overall happiness.Happy people spend their retirement doing what they want to do and pursuing hobbies;I also keep in touch with my good friends and intimate friends from time to time.In my spare time, I enjoy flowers, do square dancing, do taijiquan, and occasionally get together with my friends, talking and laughing, and make my life full of flavor.How to live happily in old age?Make yourself the center of your life.If your life is centered on your children, you will live a tired life.If your life revolves around the person you love, you will live a miserable life.If you make your life about you, you’ll be at ease.Life is not easy, sour, sweet, bitter, hot, pessimistic clutch, we are good to live, in life, live the life you want.Instead of pleasing others, it is better to be happy with yourself, to be able to put the poor life, to live out the poetry, to live out the sentimental world, this is the skill……Go ahead and live your happy life during this golden age of retirement.Learn to live a healthy lifestyle.”The poorest people wouldn’t give up their health for money, but the richest would gladly give up all their money for their health,” cotonton said.Health is always in our own hands, health is the source of our happy life, no matter who, we should protect it.Poetry gentleman sent you a section of “health tip”, wish you good health, longevity!A haoran gas, two sleeves clean wind, three points proud frost bone, four reading and writing frequently, grain to eat sweet, liushen often stable, seven emotions are controlled, eight party wide become attached to each other, nine have soaring aspirations, full and good heart.Be an interesting person.Even when you retire, add some flavor to your life.Do not enjoy the superior money bought, willing to spend the idea to raise a few POTS of green plants, start work to make a few small toys.Also in all aspects of the new pursuit, within the scope of the ability to actively invest in various activities, such as singing, photography, painting and calligraphy, dancing……The life that does not have some appeal makes oneself maintain the vigor and vitality of life forever, uneasy at present situation, can make your mental state more full.Do something “useless” again.Zhou Zuoren said: In addition to daily necessities, we must have some useless games and pleasures, life is interesting.Watching the sunset, watching the autumn river, watching the flowers, listening to the rain, smelling the fragrance, drinking wine without quenching thirst and eating snacks without satiating ourselves are all necessary in life.These seemingly useless things can make life more fulfilling.The first half of life for children, the second half of life is to be quiet down, enjoy a window beautiful flowers;Listen to a beautiful song, drink tea and talk with a few friends.Find your own happiness in leisure retirement.I like a sentence in “The heart is the Starting point of all tenderness” very much: “People will grow old, and I want to grow old beautifully.”From now on, make the most of your retirement and be a happy old man