Ten years of hard growth road serialized 75 with new people

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The girl didn’t even have an English name. I urged her for several times, but she didn’t give me an English name. She said she didn’t know what name to choose.She said, “No, you can get it for me.”I wrote down a name that sounded like her Chinese name and handed it to her: “You’ll be Rachel.”Next with Rachel over the last few days, found that although the little girl is just graduated, but the temperament is steady heavy, anyway, no I was just graduated at the body that son who also defy the frivolous, learner is fast, just after all just graduated, no work experience, so can’t receive too much information, always ask some questions again and again, I’m busy,Most of the time to be able to restrain patience to explain, but occasionally there is impatient, will not consciously some coarse voice, until the realization of some guilt, also afraid of causing her rebellious psychology, observe her look, and there is no injustice.After work about her to go for a walk, deliberately explained to her: “in fact, you are very good, but sometimes I have too many things, teach you when the tone may not be very good, but there is no other meaning, don’t take it to heart.”There’s nothing wrong with your tone,” Rachel said.”Well, as long as you don’t mind and don’t stress too much and just get through it.”Just when Rachel was starting to take on some responsibilities and felt relieved to be able to take some time off, an incident caused both of us to work overtime until after 8 o ‘clock every August.Reason is a small boss, also is the big boss’s brother, inadvertently found a small buttons offer less injection at a time, this was my first time into the factory quotation of previous Ann quote, in 2009, two years have been using the wrong offer out of the nearly one million the number of goods, every keystroke injection is the price of 0.2 Hong Kong dollars,The amount of the loss is more than one hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars.This small the boss in the company at ordinary times almost don’t do the practical work, interest on the relationship between men and women are doing, often around him and a female employees in the factory affairs, the right, he also has some be jealous of real talent, and our boss always, and always looking for opportunities to choose marketing sting at ordinary times, now caught the chance how to Ken to get away.Because the quoted party has left office for two years, can not be directly responsible, he will report the matter to the financial and human resources manager, that is, the boss’s sister-in-law, her ability and popularity are also good, but also very big boss esteem, factory size affairs can say.As money, for this kind of losses caused by price nature is quite sensitive, called me to explain the several times, and the engineering department is also called, tearing along while, the final decision, marketing pricing in the September quarter, before you are all the products do cost accounting again, after a check whether the other customers also exist in the processing of omission,Secondly, there are many customers whose products have not changed their prices for several years, so use the latest raw material price to calculate whether they will lose money.I listened to this head is big, all the products, the size adds up to a dozen customers, at least there are four to five thousand parts, easy to say, really operate up but a great project.And June and July a quotation project and more, a day is not a few minutes free, where there is time to do this?I went to reflect to the eldest brother, the eldest brother naturally knew that it was the result of the small boss deliberately giving the Marketing Department a small shoe, and began to disdain, so that we did not have to deal with this matter.But after half a month, probably because the boss gave him pressure, he finally said to me: “I’d better spare some time to make the cost accounting, don’t worry, you can do it slowly, there is still a month to do.””I cried in my heart:” Boss, you don’t know how much time it takes to do this, thousands of parts.But there’s nothing I can do about it.Because the eldest brother has been a kind to subordinate people, there is what things can carry words, generally for us to carry, now that this thing did not push off, want to be really no other way.Since the boss sent out the message, I started to do it the next day. I evaluated the time and found that I could finish 30 or 40 comments in an hour.The daytime workload in July and August is very heavy, so there is no concentrated free time to do this. According to preliminary estimation, I have to add one month of compulsory work in August.I taught Rachel how to do it. The two of us worked overtime together.Working overtime really needs something else to balance your mind.My solution was to listen to the radio. At that time, there was a program called Journey Cafe on 105.7. Besides the budget travel of literary and artistic youth, there were also descriptions about the life of studying abroad, local customs and practices in other parts of the world, etc., which could be described as a state of “living elsewhere”.While DOING the cost accounting, I listened to the program to fly my heart to different corners of the world with the voice of the host, and the overtime time was not so sad.Normal is six o ‘clock off work, after dinner, overtime until eight, just listen to this program, and then off work.The pace of work continued until the end of August.Because I found the method of attuned psychology, work overtime to 8 o ‘clock everyday, also do not feel hard, think the job is not such, rhythm is tight when loose, went over good.Rachel a little girl who just graduated, work has just started, and I was just the first three months of almost into the factory, because most of the things in the state in which a little knowledge, the day of work has been very mind, also attached to work overtime again in the evening, the pressure, I also worry that she will carry not to live, so it is sometimes also asked her: “are you okay?”She always said, “It’s ok, it’s ok.”It wasn’t until later, when we talked about August, that she told me about her frequent calls home, crying to mom about how hard work was.”Did you think about quitting at that time?””No.””So did not want to run away, as a fresh graduate, you really can endure hardship, much better than I did.”I really admire it.Rachel said: ‘It was mainly because I was looking so hard for a job.You know, it’s not easy for our fresh graduates to find a job. Before I came here, I had been looking for a job for two months and interviewed many companies, but failed.I was here and after the interview, you didn’t give me a definitive answer, and I thought it was over again.By the time I got the hr call, I was as far as the village.I went home and cried at night.””Why are you crying?Tears of joy?””I don’t know, maybe it was a release of pressure that I had been holding on for so long.””It wasn’t easy.”From the bottom of my heart, I admire the girl’s ability to withstand pressure.After the costing was done, the hours returned to normal, but my habit of listening to the radio show Journey Cafe remained.Listening to the stories about living in other places, I remembered the dream that came to my mind twice in late 2009 and early 2011. It turned out that I was not the only one who had such an idea. There were many people like me in the world, and countless others had already practiced it.When the right opportunity presents itself, I will go, after all, when I no longer need to live as I do now.