Second level construction division regulations examination site labor protection provisions, two built test points

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The state implements the working hours of labourers not more than 8 hours a day, and the average working time of labourers not more than 44 hours a week.The human resources and social security administrative department shall, within 20 working days from the date of investigating and dealing with the illegal act and making a decision on administrative treatment or punishment, put the employing unit on the “blacklist” of wages in arrears according to its jurisdiction.(1) the wages and remuneration of migrant workers are deducted or delayed without reason, and the amount reaches the standard for determining the crime of refusing to pay labor remuneration;(2) Group incidents or extreme events resulting in serious adverse social impacts due to the illegal behavior of delaying wages of migrant workers.Where the illegal subcontracting or subcontracting of labor services to organizations or individuals not qualified as labor subject causes wage arrears for rural migrant workers and meets the circumstances prescribed in the preceding paragraph, the units of illegal subcontracting or subcontracting, as well as organizations or individuals not qualified as labor subject shall be included in the “blacklist” of wage arrears.13, about labor dispatch, correct is ().A. All dispatched workers shall be paid the same labor remuneration. B. Labor dispatch agencies shall obtain corresponding administrative licenses.According to the provisions of the Labor Civil Law system, the disputes between the employer and the laborer can be solved by ().A. consultation B. mediation C. labor arbitration D. litigation E. civil arbitration