Multi-point flowering, full force, Sinotruk achieved a good start in the first month

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2021 is a year of both opportunities and challenges for the automobile manufacturing industry. Changes in policies, regulations and market demand have become normal, and only the real king can remain invincible forever.As a leading member of the heavy automobile industry in China, SINOtruk has committed itself to the development of high quality and has made outstanding achievements in the industry while fully satisfying customer demands and maximizing customer value.In 2021, Sinotruk will rank second in the domestic industry with sales volume of 286,000 vehicles and market share of 20.5%.The export volume of heavy truck has been the first in China for 17 consecutive years.All the past is a prologue.Entering the year of 2022, Sinotruk’s sales have been successful, and sinotruk is ready to continue to lead in the field of heavy trucks with a new atmosphere.February 18, China Automobile Association January production and sales data released, data showed that the sales of 95,000 heavy truck, compared with the same period last year 183,000, 88,000 fewer, down 48%.Despite the industry’s sluggish sales trend, Sinotruk bucked the trend, topping the list with 27,725 units sold and Posting a 7.3 per cent year-on-year growth.Sinotruk trucks are bound for the Spring Festival, bearing proud achievements and bringing New Year’s report cards. On January 15, the new regulations of blue brand light trucks were just implemented, and the order volume of Haovo light trucks on that day exceeded 731 units.On February 14, Howard MAX truck was launched, and the sales volume reached 137 units on that day.Shandeka S-AMT16 tractor buying season, only linyi area one day selling 568 sets;Ji ‘nan special vehicle production sanitation sprinkler, flammable liquid tank transport truck, dump truck have achieved good results in batch delivery……(The delivery ceremony of Howard Shenzhen Branch) (The delivery scene of Howard Snow Leopard refrigerated car) Sinotruk’s annual sales momentum is like a rainbow. What is the powerful driving force behind such an excellent record?Keen insight into policy, seize market opportunities.With the new regulations on blue light trucks, vehicles that do not meet the requirements will no longer be in the market.However, two months before the new blue plate regulation was issued, Sinotruk had already made it clear that it would no longer produce 2.3-meter trucks and put them on the market only for compliance products.In addition, the special prize user will receive a HOWO Smart Light card for free and will pay a gift of 3000 to 6000.A series of fan activities have gained consistent praise from card friends, helping Sinotruk to lead the new Blue track with a strong position of leader.Focus on the forefront of the market, continue to empower customers.With the implementation of national Sixth, energy conservation and environmental protection has attracted more attention.Sinotruk joint weichai power in such aspects as the structure of the vehicle performance, electronic control has a strong technical support, as early as 2019 to the six standard product layout, and received a validation of product data, MC + WP hybrid engines to more fuel-efficient, more worry the high quality of products, power card on some high quality road.Family service support, broaden the brand pattern.Sinotruk truly achieves high efficiency and versatility in terms of vehicle reserves, and can deploy vehicles for customers at any time.Sinotruk is favored by customers with its excellent product gene, global outlook, forward-looking vision, high quality and efficient quality and highly humanized “family” service consciousness, which confirms sinotruk’s leading position and extraordinary strength in the industry with repeated good news.Aided by iron and steel network, international marketing bears fruit.Sinotruk export business overcome disease, maintain high quality development international market, through enhancing marketing management, focus on market expansion head, unswervingly implement the “three changes”, namely “transition from sell low-quality products to sell high quality products, from selling products to sell brand transformation, from selling brand to sell service transformation”, in order to promote export product structure upgrade.The iron and Steel network has realized the internationalization strategy of “going out”. At present, there are more than 400,000 heavy trucks working in mining areas, ports and other fields around the world, serving the construction of major projects such as roads, railways and hydropower stations. Sinotruk has become the most trusted partner of overseas customers in logistics and equipment.(sinotruk shanyou DE card AMT tractor linyi venue) (batch delivery Howard TX JiNa branch six tractor) (special for branch batch delivery dump truck) despite China’s heavy truck with proud achievement in 2022, but in the face of industry for heavy card sales forecasts for 80-900000, sinotruk know when trough storm swept across the whole industry,2022 will be another year full of challenges, and only with a more steady and powerful pace can we gain the strength to take the lead.Drums urged dust not washed, riding on the whip again courageously hoofs.In the New Year, SINOtruk will continue to improve its product layout and provide the market with a comprehensive range of compliant, high-quality and profitable products.In the new energy track, the company has comprehensively laid out three technical routes of pure electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell, four categories of models of traction, cargo, engineering and special purpose, and developed a whole series of new energy commercial vehicle products and a whole series of electric drive bridge technologies independently.To remain technologically ahead of the industry, Sinotruk is destined to steer clear of the “roadside shop” model of assembling homogenous products from existing social resources.A series of exciting news, a clear picture, let us realize that the attitude of focusing on creating high-quality goods and the courage of innovation, is the secret of this enterprise founded in 1930 can keep vitality forever.It is believed that Sinotruk will continue to lead the trend of The Times by shifting gears and overtaking cars on the fast track in the New Year.