Don’t miss the Spring Festival lights!The light line is waiting for you to punch in

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If you miss the snow of New Year’s Day then you must not miss the lights of the Spring Festival!In order to better appreciate the lighting, we have specially prepared the tour route of the New Year’s Light exhibition for the general public and friends.Spring lamp tour route Zhangye Road pedestrian street “year after year” provincial party committee provincial government “Happy New Year” Oriental Red Square “Golden Tiger he Chun” Tianshui Road north mouth public park “Flowers like brocade” “Fu Hu Sheng Wei” “dream of flowers” “butterfly dance world” series of lights zhongshan bridge colorful Gansu above locations are set up large lights, in addition,Mountain bridge, the city in the Yellow River bridge and the course of eight through urban main road, north and south, east and west (south riverside road, north riverside road, waterway Jin Changlu, day, of out road, nanchang road, JingNing road, jiuquan road) on both sides of all hang the red lanterns, south riverside road in the east of mountain bridge to pingsha fall wild goose green park along the trees hanging the lights with foil festival atmosphere,Citizens friends can choose according to their own travel routes around the city self-driving tour.Spring Lantern show spring tide waiting for you!At the same time, please wear masks and keep one meter distance to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control measures!Copyright belongs to the original author, and will be deleted in case of infringement.Gansu public emergency channels to protect security Happiness throughout 0931, 8569777 more readings gansu radio and television reception desk sympathy activities “warm 2022 boost rural revitalization” Spring Festival “luminous” zebra crossing at lanzhou street graphic | national network reporting to accept 166 million last yearThe Ministry of Emergency Management released the basic information on natural disasters in 2021