A meal “crazy” order over 3 million yuan!What happened?Party response

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◇ Seal a meal “crazy” order over 3 million yuan!What happened?Recently, a blogger posted the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code of his dinner table number on the Internet. As a result, the net user remotely scanned the code and ordered dishes worth more than 1.23 million yuan, which caused concern. Later, the amount once exceeded 3 million yuan.In this regard, the lawyer pointed out that scanning code orders belong to the act of contracting a contract, the need to assume the obligation to pay.In response, the blogger said that he posted the order number to mock the seat number, but did not expect the “enthusiastic participation” of netizens. In the end, he only paid for his order, which amounted to more than 1,000 yuan.The restaurant responded that there were indeed many netizens ordering for the table at that time, and the backstage of the restaurant showed that the order amount was more than 3 million yuan. Some dishes were prepared, but they were not served after it was found to be a spoof by netizens.Bach said Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics were a great success and athletes were very satisfied, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach said at a press conference on Thursday.Against the backdrop of the global epidemic, the Chinese government and people have provided warm hospitality to the athletes from all over the world. The athletes are very happy and satisfied with the security conditions in the stadium facilities, Olympic Village and the closed loop.The Beijing Winter Olympics broke many historical records and attracted the attention of many young people.A “Y-20” transport plane of the Chinese Air Force arrived in Honiara, capital of Solomon Islands, Monday, carrying 320,000 doses of testing reagents and 20 oxygen generators, weighing more than 20 tons.Recently, the situation in Solomon Islands has suddenly intensified, with a surge of confirmed cases.At this critical moment, at the request of the Chinese side, The Chinese side once again rushed to the rescue, mobilized relevant materials as quickly as possible, and used military transport planes to deliver them, once again demonstrating China’s speed and responsibility as a major country.3. What are the highlights of the Closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics?The closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics will be held at the Bird’s Nest on Saturday night.Zhang Yimou, chief director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics, said: “When the flame is extinguished, there will be a physical re-creation of a moment from the 2008 Olympics. It will be like going back in time, giving us a sense of ‘time travel’.”The closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics will once again present the Romance of Chinese style and the feelings of “double Olympics”.Look forward to!People’s Daily: At the request of the Hong Kong SAR government, the second batch of medical and epidemic prevention teams from the Mainland arrived in Hong Kong on July 19 to start work, fully cooperating with the SAR government in related work.The second batch of medical and epidemic prevention teams from the Mainland will consist of 114 people, including nucleic acid sampling teams and medical experts. Among them, medical experts will share their experience in treating COVID-19 patients on the mainland with clinical experts from Hong Kong.5. 9 gold!Sui Wenjing/Han Cong win gold in pairs skating: China’s Sui Wenjing and Han Cong won gold in pairs free skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday night.It is also the ninth gold medal for Chinese delegation at this Winter Olympics.He Zhifu receives disciplinary review and supervision Investigation: He Zhifu, former Party secretary and chairman of Jilin Credit Financing Guarantee Investment Group Co., Ltd. is under disciplinary review and supervision investigation for suspected serious violations of discipline and law, according to the jilin Provincial commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Thursday.(Xinhuanet) A single mother in Dezhou, Shandong province broke down when she reported to police that 15 yuan worth of children’s toys had been stolen from her apartment.The police learned that Ms. Yang was widowed and living alone with her two children. Her six-year-old son had spent more than 200,000 yuan on medical treatment. The difficulties of living at home, the loss of toys and the long-term pressure of life made Ms. Yang cry bitterly.The police bought a toy for the child and sent Ms. Yang safely to her home.8. Rumor has it that someone was arrested from Hong Kong for smuggling into Shenzhen Bay by swimming?Official response: A man was rescued by police and medical staff and sent to an ambulance in Shenzhen Bay Park after being smuggled from the other side of the river with a suitcase, which has attracted widespread attention.Later, shenzhen Bay Park responded that the man was not smuggled online, but jumped into the river, has been rescued and sent to hospital.9. It looks cold!Firefighters soak in ice water for training: Forest firefighters stationed in Yan ‘an from Gansu province climb on ice and lie down in snow during a rescue drill in freezing weather in Yan ‘an, Shaanxi Province, recently. Some of them even took a dip in ice water in cold temperatures below zero degrees Celsius.Even across the screen, it was chilling.Thumbs up for the brave firefighters!In 2021, mengmeng, a woman from Shenzhen, Guangdong province, gave birth out of wedlock. The health insurance bureau told her that “her birth out of wedlock was outside the policy and the health Commission would not push her birth registration information.”Without maternity insurance, Mengmeng didn’t get paid during maternity leave, so she sued the Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission for her reproductive rights.Birth insurance is when laborer brings about labor force to be interrupted temporarily because of bearing children, the social insurance system that gives material help in time by the country and society.Maternity insurance will cover the salary of working women during their maternity leave.Recently, the case of the first trial, will be sentenced.China may win bronze medal in men’s 100m relay at Tokyo Olympic GamesGreat Britain has been disqualified from the men’s 4x100m relay at the Tokyo Olympics and stripped of his MEDALS for violating anti-doping rules, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) said On Thursday.The Chinese team of Wu Zhiqiang, Su Bingtian, Tang Xingqiang and Xie Zhenye placed fourth in the men’s relay final.The announcement by the Court of Arbitration for Sport means China could be handed a bronze medal, which would be the country’s best men’s relay performance in Olympic history.12. Severe punishment!Sichuan a man violence attack police arrested: recently, sichuan Guangyuan Cangxi a hot pot restaurant dispute.Police at the scene disposal process, by the man Zhao unreasonable abuse.Police subpoenaed zhao in accordance with the law, zhao colleagues zhang pulled police fingers, and picked up the broken beer bottle on the ground to attack police, police uniforms stabbed.At present, Zhang mou has been detained, the case is being dealt with further.A woman surnamed Tian in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi province, recently watched a surveillance video at her home and found that a woman surnamed Xiao, whom she hired for 19,000 yuan a month, had repeatedly abused her baby.Within a week, Tian found more than 20 instances of Xiao roughing up her children.After the incident, Xiao apologized to Tian, hoping to be forgiven, but the couple decided to call the police.Local police have been involved in the investigation.(Huachang Daily) local 1. Shanghai may fine drug users millions of yuan for advertising: The city voted to amend its anti-drug regulation on March 18, and the new regulation will come into force on March 1.According to the regulation, those who know or should know that their spokespersons are involved in illegal or criminal acts such as drug abuse, but still broadcast or publish commercial advertisements by their spokespersons can be fined up to 1 million yuan.Justice (network) 2. Anhui: meet “distress sorrow hope” can be called hotline was made department head Anhui province government general office told since February, including public security was made responsible for comrades and some place class cadres, think-tank experts, such as partial time answering for the convenience of government services hotline 12345, pushing people around “distress sorrow to” solution.Answering time is 8:30 am to 11:30 am every Thursday, answering location is 12345 Convenient Hotline Hall of Anhui Government Service.1. The National Health Commission and other four departments jointly released the Measures on the Management of Mutual Recognition of Examination and Test Results in Medical Institutions on April 18.The basic requirements for carrying out mutual recognition work should be clarified, specific situations that can be re-examined should be put forward, and medical personnel should be required to strengthen doctor-patient communication. For the inspection items that have not been mutually recognized, explanations should be made, and the purpose and necessity of re-examination should be fully informed.(CCTV News) 2. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology notified 107 apps that have not completed rectification: The Ministry recently organized third-party testing institutions to inspect mobile Internet apps. Up to now, 107 apps, including cloud classroom, have not completed rectification.The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology requires the above apps to complete rectification before February 25.All localities are urged to establish precise monitoring mechanisms, improve identification capabilities, strengthen control and isolation, and promote the concept of precise protection, so as to resolutely prevent and avoid the tendency of “relaxing epidemic prevention and control” and “excessive prevention and control”, according to the National Development and Reform Commission.China Central Television (CCTV) 4. 99.2% of the country’s towns and streets have been equipped with strong political and legal commissioners: It is reported that more than 39,000 towns and streets across the country have been equipped with strong political and legal commissioners, accounting for 99.2% of the country’s 39,000 towns and streets. More than 583,000 comprehensive governance centers at all levels have been built, with a total of 4.5 million grid members, basically realizing full coverage of grid service management.5. China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBRC) issued a risk alert: recently, some illegal elements, in the name of “universe investment project” to absorb funds, suspected of illegal fund-raising fraud and other illegal and criminal activities.Members of the public can report to the local authorities if they find clues of suspected crimes.Scroll up and down to see the risk tips