Zhalantun City Public Security Bureau circular food drug investigation team solid focus on the crackdown on illegal production and management of meat food special action

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To further standardize zhalantun meat market production and operation order, and guarantee the “safety” on the tip of the tongue, annular eclipse drug investigation brigade zhalantun public security bureau at the Spring Festival and the winter Olympic Games in Beijing key nodes, harsh crackdown on illegal production and operation of meat areas of various kinds of illegal and criminal activities, effectively eliminate meat safety problems from the source.First, strengthen joint inspections.According to the work deployment of the superior public security organs, the environmental medicine investigation team actively takes the initiative to carry out centralized investigation and rectification of the market, agriculture and animal husbandry units.During the festival, the inspection team went deep into the vegetable and meat markets, focusing on investigating and punishing no animal quarantine certificate, and severely cracking down on the sale of meat products that do not meet safety standards and other crimes.At the same time to carry out publicity activities to the masses, actively guide the masses to report the relevant food crime clues, resolutely maintain market order, ensure the food safety of the masses, to enhance the sense of security and satisfaction of the people.Second, strengthen supervision and management of the cold chain.In order to prevent the risk of novel coronavirus infection in imported cold-chain food and further strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic and food safety protection, the Circular Food Drug Investigation Team, together with the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, carried out safety inspections in the enterprises selling and storing cold-chain food in Zhuhai.The inspection team checked 2 cold storage and 18 frozen food sales points by taking the purchase ledger, the cold storage product reverse inspection, verification of nucleic acid testing certificate and other “three certificates” as the starting point.Through inspection, cold-chain food enterprises will be further promoted to implement the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, comprehensively strengthen the supervision of cold-chain food safety, and build a strong cold-chain food safety epidemic prevention safety line.Third, we deepened the effectiveness of publicity work.Environmental food drug investigation team to the region focused on the crackdown on illegal meat production and operation of the special action as an opportunity, adhere to the traditional propaganda and new media propaganda two-way force.Focus on the effectiveness of the crackdown, typical cases, experience and practices, legal knowledge and other actively do a good job of collecting videos, pictures and other publicity materials, strengthen information publicity and network position publicity.Source of News propaganda Department of Hulunbuir Public Security Bureau | Editor of Zhalantun Public Security Bureau | Review by Wang Yue | Wang Dan