Women’s soccer rewards are unfair!Many people won the grand award, 2 major heroes were ignored no reward

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Women’s soccer rewards are unfair!People in HaoHeng award, 2 big ones ignored didn’t reward the Chinese women’s team won the Asian cup, made history of 16 years best, and we all know, women are able to get such achievement, has a lot to do with ShuiQingXia return, and ShuiQingXia is also accepted an interview with CCTV, ShuiQingXia said, she doesn’t even have a suite, now he is 50 years old,I hope I can have my own house, and we all know that the two heroes of Shui Qingxia’s Asian Cup coaching are Undoubtedly Zhang Linyan and Wang Xiaoxue.Especially the xiao-xue wang blocking the ball, she said she didn’t think of get hurt, ball mentioned which is fine, just can’t kick into the door, and now the women’s return to domestic and awards, the first is vian, vian, in the final against South Korea is made, a penalty, direct reward 1 million, followed by henan luoyang LouJiaHui,It is also a direct reward of 1 million yuan, it is really happy to see the reward of the women’s football team, but there is no reward for the two major contributors of the women’s football team, or even very little reward.First of all, the first one is Zhang Linyan, she is the shortest person in the women’s player, but she did women, she is in mianyang, sichuan people, results in mianyang, sichuan sent Zhang Linyan only 100000 yuan, have to say, 100000 dollars to get the champion of Asian cup, really is too little, may have not enough money men eat sea cucumber,Wang Xiaoxue, who blocked the ball, received no reward at all, while Xiao Yuyi, who scored the winning goal, received only 300,000 yuan.It is reported that the women’s football team won the Asian Cup, namely the men’s three days salary, currently Wu Xi and other players are 18 million yuan per year, the daily salary is 50,000 yuan, three days is 150,000 yuan, this also makes the fans worried, why is so unfair?Is also a football, men’s and women’s differ at least 20 times, and ShuiQingXia to now have not a suite, although the reward is to give not to, but the women’s girl deserve rewards and praise, after all, they also need to life, and it is said that will give men pay cuts, in football training in Shanghai is said to be not happy every day, see the womens race field to play a life,Take a look at Wu Xi’s hide ball, but salary and reward dozens of times different, this is not a good thing, so how do we look at this problem?Please click the follow button and leave your comments in the comments section!