Ukraine was cheated out of a sweetheart deal between The US and Russia

2022-08-08 0 By

The United States and Russia still bickering over Ukraine, U.S. security concerns to Mr Putin’s step not to, on the Russian side threatened to unprecedented economic sanctions, while coalition Allies in armed Ukraine continue to overweight, cause the strength of the Russian counter, thought war, only to find a word from the biden controversy, the charade exposed in the United States.According to the latest news, Biden said in a recent press conference that there are differences within NATO on how to respond to the Russian military “invasion” in Ukraine, which may depend on the scale of the invasion.Mr Biden’s suggestion that a “small incursion” by Russian forces might not be met with a stern response was more like a message to Mr Putin that the US might “look the other way” as long as it was not done badly.If this is the American attitude, it means that the United States is already preparing to sell out Ukraine, which is bound to cause panic in Ukraine.Sure enough, according to the latest news, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky lashed out at Biden for his controversial remarks.Zelensky reminded “some big powers” that there is no such thing as a small invasion or small country, just as there is no such thing as a minor injury when you lose a close relative, and that Ukraine is also a big country.Reactions to Zelensky were mixed, with some saying that zelensky was arrogant enough to defy Biden’s will when it was clear that he wanted to embrace the US-led Western world.Others said Biden’s comments were inappropriate, and that by revealing such mixed information, He was encouraging Putin to go to war.Yet Mr Biden’s comments seem unsurprising if you look not at America’s apparent assertiveness but at the substance of its interactions with Russia.As early as January 10 in the US-Russia Geneva talks, although the US representative did not give an inch, but almost begged to the Russian side, as long as the Russian side is willing to stay at the negotiating table, it will be able to achieve something.It seems that the US is not even thinking of a final confrontation with the Russians.The Americans are constantly creating the atmosphere of Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine, talking about the so-called devastating economic blow to Russia, and linking up with their Allies to send arms to Ukraine, just to increase their bargaining chips in the US-Russia negotiations.Given that America’s grand national strategy is a so-called “pivot” to the Indo-Pacific, there is no reason for the US to get bogged down in Ukraine with Russia.For the US, uniting Russia against China is the best arrangement, but considering the increasingly good relations between Russia and China, the US idea is not feasible at all.The next best thing is for Mr Biden to at least promise that Russia will not “join forces with China against America”.Mr Putin seems already broke the charade, Russia to the United States and NATO early terms, “European security agreement draft” asked stop NATO’s eastward expansion, Ukraine and other former Soviet republic to join NATO is forbidden, surrounding the ban in Russia to carry out military action, and all terms must be reply by written form.It is worth noting that, perhaps to give the US an opportunity to step down, Recently, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Blinken after a telephone conversation, said that Russia did not develop relations with China to deal with the West, the US and Russia have reached a deal to some extent privately.It was obvious to anyone that Lavrov’s remarks were just diplomatic rhetoric and that Russia did not trust the United States.Yet Mr Biden, a veteran of international relations, actually thought he had got what he wanted.Just after Lavrov said he had no intention of “joining forces with China against the United States”, Biden’s talk of a “small invasion” may have laid the groundwork for the United States to compromise.In the face of the flood of Russian steel, the US military will not send troops nor dare to send troops. The so-called protection of Ukraine is nothing but a joke. Ukraine has been cheated.(kang)