The US f-35 crashed in the South China Sea, and the aircraft carrier’s fuselage corroded

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F – 35 c fighter is currently the world’s first has been done on the aircraft carrier to deploy the fifth generation of stealth fighter jets, but the aircraft has just has had an accident shortly after deployment, in January 2022, deployed in Calvin’s number of nuclear-powered aircraft carrier – 35 c F fighter, crash happened in the north of huangyan island waters in the south China sea,The Navy has not released details about the cause of the crash, but photos from the scene show the jet’s engines still running as it crashed into the sea and the pilot pulled the ejection lever to eject.Not long after the F-35C crash, other F-35C fighters on the aircraft carrier have been exposed to serious risks. Photos of the F-35C fighter on the USS Carl Vinson show that the aircraft is in the very early stages of its service life, but the fuselage is showing signs of corrosion and rust.Such corrosion and rust are highly likely to cause aircraft strength problems, leading to accidents in future operations. The US media also began to question whether the US Navy has the ability to maintain such extremely difficult aircraft, and the US Navy’s maintenance budget has been increasingly tight.Fighter F – 35 series is currently the largest number of a fighter in global production, and the type of aircraft is divided into the three sub models, respectively is F – 35 a fighter, this is provided to the air force to use the model, he can only conventional runway for take-off and landing, the F – 35 fighter can b in amphibious assault ships and small vertical and short take-off and landing on aircraft carrier,F-35c fighter jets are aircraft carrier models that use catapult to take off. However, the current F-35B and F-35C fighter jets have more stringent requirements for stealth coating due to their long-term high salt and humidity environment.Stealth fighter want to accomplish, on the one hand, and the aerodynamic layout, the engine tail air nozzle design, on the other hand can also be related to the aircraft’s stealth coating, F – 22 a stealth fighter stealth coating is in the process of daily flight appeared different degree of loss, and have a message that this kind of stealth coating is toxic substances,So the crew must wear a gas mask and special protective clothing during maintenance. Although this has been changed for the F-35 series, the reliability of the stealth coating is still not high in high salt and humidity.Rusty – 35 c F fighter also gave China a line, at present China has produced a 35 stealth fighter called fighters, the future is likely to reach 003 type aircraft carrier, before included 35 fighter aboard the aircraft carrier, in addition to cooperate with various features of carrier operations, to adapt to high salt, high humidity environment, is also a compulsory course for the jets.By Iris