Taiyuan Hao ying profit promotion, car discount 9.42%, welcome to inquire

2022-08-08 0 By

The work is not satisfactory, the trouble of life, it is time to change a car to change the mood, the recent Shanxi Yellow River Guangqi Honda shop February 08 – February 11, the purchase of a car discount of 16,000 yuan,Looking forward to your visit promotion time from February 08, 2022 to February 11, 2022 preferential conditions to buy boutique, in-store replacement, in-store loans, The latest quotation of Models manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Taiyuan quotation 240TURBOManual Two-drive Elite edition 169,800 yuan 166,600 yuan 153,800 yuan 240TURBO CVT Two-drive Elite Edition 179,800 yuan 163,800 yuan 240TURBO CVT two-drive Deluxe Edition 196,800 yuan 16,600 yuan 188,800 yuan 240TURBOTurbo CVT 2-drive Premium edition 206,800 turbo CVT 4-drive Premium Edition 232,800 Turbo CVT 4-drive Premium Edition 216,800 Turbo CVT 2-drive Premium edition 209,800 Turbo turbo 2-drive Elite edition 197,800 Turbo · Hybrid 2.0LTurbo CVT two drive magic night edition 216,800 yuan 216,600 yuan 208,800 yuan 240TURBO CVT two drive magic night edition 219,800 yuan 219,800 yuan 240TURBOCVT four-wheel drive Magic Night edition 235,800 yuan, 219,800 yuan sharp · hybrid 2.0L two-drive magic night edition 252,800 yuan, 120,200 yuan, 240TURBO CVT two-drive wisdom enjoy edition 199,800 yuan, 16,600 yuan, 183,800 yuan