No. 9 Middle School carries out “safety education” theme education series activities

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Huizhiyu: It is understood that every year about 16,000 primary and secondary school students in China die of unnatural death, primary and secondary school students due to safety accidents, food poisoning, drowning, suicide and other deaths, an average of more than 40 people a day, that is to say, every day there will be a class of students in the “disappearance”.According to a large-scale national survey by the China Youth and Children Research Center, safety accidents have become the leading cause of death among children under the age of 14.There are as many as 20 kinds of safety risks involving teenagers’ life and study, including traffic accidents, food poisoning, fire, mental health and so on.These are always threatening our healthy growth.In order to effectively do the safety education work of teachers and students in schools, protect the physical and mental health of minors, prevent minors from physical and mental injury, and enhance the safety awareness and self-protection ability of students.On March 31, Zhumadian No. 9 Middle School launched a series of activities themed “safety education”.In class meeting, students were explained how to prevent sexual assault and how to scientifically prevent unnatural death by playing videos, case analysis and classroom interaction.Guide students to master the necessary safety knowledge, improve self-protection awareness, develop good safety habits.Various forms of educational Activities In order to further improve the enthusiasm of students to participate in this safety education activity, the school also organized students as a unit, with the theme of “prevention of unnatural death”, “prevention of sexual assault” and other blackboard newspaper, hand-copied newspaper competition activities.Safety is the cornerstone of life and the ladder to joy.Strengthen the safety education of students, improve the safety awareness and self-protection ability of students, is an important measure to protect students, students improve safety awareness, self-protection ability to enhance, society, school, family will be more peace, less a worry.Zhumadian No.9 Middle School is a public junior high school, located in 990 Avenue, Yicheng District.Adhering to the school motto of “Happiness, Diligence, Gratitude and Growth”, the school puts people first and gives priority to moral education. It comprehensively implements quality-oriented education and pays attention to students’ habit formation and physical and mental health.Excellent teaching performance, successive years was rated as “advanced unit”.Sunshine break won the honorary title of “The most beautiful break in Henan Province” and enjoys a good reputation both inside and outside the province.Pay attention to students’ artistic accomplishment, implement instrumental music into the classroom, at present almost all students can master a musical instrument.Its dormitory administrator class has become the school’s characteristic card.The school implements fine management, with students’ independent management and parents’ deep participation in school management. The school has won the honorary titles of “Model Parent School” and “Excellent Parent School” awarded by Henan Education Department.School successively obtains “the national quality education scheme, the national reading education characteristic school, henan school education card, wei scholar bred self-study experimental school, the first batch of compulsory education in henan province agriculture standardization management characteristic school, henan outstanding parents school, compiling the school campus culture in henan province, henan province the most growth school, ten big innovation school in henan province, henan province advanced campus culture and art workUnit, Zhumadian Excellent School, Zhumadian Top Ten Characteristic Schools, Zhumadian Advanced Collective in Teaching and Scientific Research, Advanced Recruitment Unit “and other honorary titles.