How to choose healthy weight loss intensity?

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First I found a problem, people do not understand the concept of strength, so let’s talk about weight loss strength!So what is intensity?Measurable strength for mass fitness is simply divided into two types: one is strength of what weight how many times?The other is heart rate, what does heart rate achieve?Let’s start with the technical term “RM”, which refers to the maximum number of repetitions in strength training. For example, 1RM means only one weight and 10RM means only 10 weights.So what’s the strength for fat loss RM?As shown in the figure below, fat loss training is more suitable for endurance training. It can be seen that the RM strength of endurance training should be 30Rm.However, for ordinary people, 16RM-20RM is more suitable, while 30RM recovery after training is slow and boring.Therefore, 16-20RM intensity can be selected for training. If the body is capable of 30RM training, the effect will be better.In other words, the best weight for fat loss is the weight that can only do 16 reps. If you can do 16 reps, it is too light. If you can do less than 30 reps, it is too heavy.Therefore, if you want to lose fat, you need to test your weight of 16RM first, and train under this weight, so as to achieve better fat loss effect.In particular, if we focus on fat reduction, we can choose to start training from 16RM, keep the weight of 16RM for 20 sessions, and then retest the weight of 16RM to continue training.In order to maintain consistent training results, heart rate intensity is known as “bullseye heart rate”.The target heart rate is the heart rate that needs to be achieved in order to achieve a training goal and the target heart rate that is suitable for fat loss is 60% to 80%.(NATIONAL College of Sports Medicine, ACSM) Once we know the heart rate of the bull’s eye, what is the heart rate?Especially easy to use our maximum heart rate ✖️60%-80% target heart rate range, you can get the target heart rate.The calculation method of maximum heart rate is 220- actual age, set in the formula above, for example, my age is 26, then:(220-26✖️60%-80%=116-155.2 Therefore, if I want to lose fat, I should at least ensure that my exercise heart rate is at 116-155.2. Of course, the higher the exercise heart rate, the longer the duration, the better the effect.