Winter Olympics: A Taste of China

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By eating the Chinese leek box during the competition, Gu got the traditional Chinese food “leek box” out of the ring.In the Winter Olympics on and off the field of the wonderful “tidbits”, a variety of food is indispensable.Taste the “Chinese taste” of Winter Olympics, “A bite of Winter Olympics” also deduce the unique wonderful Chinese food and Chinese culture.”Isn’t it delightful to have friends coming from afar?”Reviewing the “Winter Olympics menu”, Chinese cuisine warmly embraces visitors from afar with warm humanistic feelings.In terms of the number and availability of the menu, 678 special dishes cover both Chinese and foreign cuisines;World Table, Asian table, Chinese table…Twelve tables are available 24 hours a day, every eight days.In the extensive menu, there are many seasonal specialties, such as dumplings, moo shu pork, fried chicken in soy sauce, etc., as well as authentic local specialties, including Sichuan cuisine kung pao chicken, Cantonese shrimp dumplings, Shandong cuisine sixi balls and so on.Abundant choices not only meet the nutritional needs and dietary habits of athletes, but also convey the friendly, warm and hospitable spirit of The Chinese people, making the atmosphere of “family culture” spread in the Olympic Village.The charm of food lies in the elaborate arrangement of dishes and soups, as well as in the vivid and interesting scenes.On social media, many ice and snow athletes show their high appearance of food, indicating that they are “fans” of food.”Sweet and sour tenderloin, Kung Pao chicken, Dan Dan noodles…It’s great!”Janice Spitelli, the only Maltese athlete, took out half a bean bun and ate it for the camera.Us snowboarder Julia Marino said she had eaten “probably 200 dumplings since I came to the village”…The popularity of Chinese cuisine not only adds more different experience to athletes’ competition and life journey, but also highlights the powerful charm of Chinese cuisine.Most of all, it’s Chinese.The Winter Olympics has opened a window for more overseas friends to learn about Chinese food and culture.”So this is the Chinese taste!In the different cooking techniques of frying, steaming, frying and boiling, the taste buds are magnified endlessly between the square inches of the ingredients.Food is the life of the people.Food is an important part of Traditional Chinese culture, and no other nation has ever paid as much attention to food as our ancestors did, creating a lot of creativity and profound understanding.At the same time, food is also a cultural card that is widely accepted in the world. It is because many foreigners eat Chinese food that they become connected with China and Chinese culture.The Winter Olympics provides a good platform for the promotion of Chinese food culture. We hope that there will be more forms and Bridges to spread the charm and power of Chinese culture more widely, so that the world can feel the beauty of Chinese culture and the blood and vitality of the Chinese nation through food.The beauty of the soup lies in its harmony and difference.Apart from the passion of the Winter Olympics, “A bite of Winter Olympics” is probably the most unique scenery. In the scenery, there are taste buds and emotional sharing experience, and more importantly, there are exchanges and mutual learning between different cultures.