Handan set up the first “martyrs for relatives” volunteer service team

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Central Plains News Handan news (reporter Zhang Feitao) “round handan relatives wish to let the martyrs return home,”On April 4, under the guidance of handan city veterans affairs, by the original handan a reserve artillery brigade, vice minister of ministry of army, Lin logistical equipment QiCheLian instructor Yang Maozhi, public welfare organization volunteers Wei Yuliang, xin-li li, and various media reporter love nearly 20 members to join “a martyr handan locate volunteer service” was formally established in handan.It is also the city’s first volunteer service team dedicated to “finding relatives for martyrs” launched by ex-servicemen.According to Lin Chengjun, the founder, the volunteer service team was founded five years ago after yanzhao Metropolis Daily reported that 14 Martyrs from Handan were laid to rest in North Korea.On the one hand, 14 martyrs from Handan who died for the country in the Martyrs’ Cemetery in North Korea have been laid to rest in North Korea for many years, but no relatives have ever gone to worship them.On the other hand, relatives or descendants of martyrs living in Handan have been struggling to find a martyr’s burial place for decades, hoping to pay tribute to them in person after finding them, telling their loved ones of their deep thoughts…Lin Chengjun is determined to launch surrounding colleagues, comrade-in-arms, relatives and friends, together to find relatives for the martyrs, looking forward to their return home, round martyrs loved ones for years of unfulfilled wishes.Fortunately, through the joint efforts of Lin Chengjun, Yang Maozhi, reporters from yanzhao Metropolis Daily and other media, wei Yuliang and other volunteers, they succeeded in finding relatives for 14 martyrs who were laid to rest in the DPRK around Tomb-sweeping Day in 2018., and coordinate the army national WenMing Village baisha CunDangWei secretary, 11th, 13th session of the National People’s Congress on behalf of the second river comrade ho, generous contribution to north Korea for martyrs posterity free symbol of one hundred thousand yuan, to the north Korea city cemetery, etc of the Chinese people’s volunteers visit martyrs, holding back to the tomb of a hot, martyrs soul, please return to home.And organized the families of martyrs and their hometown civil affairs departments, caring enterprises and some officers and soldiers of a reserve artillery brigade in Handan on September 29, 2018 in the Jinji-Lu-Yu martyrs Cemetery for a public ceremony, completed the long-cherished wish of martyrs of Handan volunteers to return to their roots.In 2021, Lin Chengjun found relatives in Handan for martyr Zhang Fudao, who was buried in the Martyrs cemetery of anhui Huaihai Campaign.In the company of martyrs Zhang Fudao relatives to double duanji martyrs cemetery worship, Lin Chengjun from the martyrs cemetery director Wang Chong learned that the martyrs cemetery is also buried in a lot of Hebei martyrs, and their relatives may not know they are buried here…After returning from Anhui, Lin contacted Yang Maozhi, volunteers Wei Yuliang, Li Xinli, Liu Zhenying, Li Mei, Wang Xin, He Hua, Yang Yaowei, Yang Yuyan, Zhao Kuan, Wei Jianhua and a number of caring journalists, and decided to find relatives for 206 martyrs from Handan who were buried in shuangduiji Martyrs Cemetery.Dozens of volunteers traveled nearly 3,500 kilometers and visited 79 villages and communities.Since September 30, 2021, through the joint efforts of several caring people, they have found families for 68 martyrs from Handan in Shuangduji Martyrs Cemetery.”More than 70 years have passed since the Huai Hai War.Martyrs and relatives also look forward to each other for more than 70 years!Most of the members of our volunteer service team are ex-servicemen, and they have special feelings for the old revolutionary veterans.Here we also call on more media, volunteers and retired soldiers to help us find more descendants of martyrs and help more martyrs buried in the cemetery to find their loved ones!Let the martyrs return home!”Lin Chengjun said.According to the handan city veterans affairs Bureau responsible comrade, the city by veterans launched by the volunteer service organizations have reached more than 5,800.