From the successor of Big Zhi to the dirty man of CBA, Xu Zhonghao poured all his money into the championship.

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Gao Ta, the former national brand of the CBA, has gone from being the successor of Dazhi to being a dirty man in the CBA, the league’s heavy punishment has gone from being a troubadour, and the controversial referee has escaped the bullet and poured all his money into the championship.Almost every championship team in the NBA has a villain or two who intentionally creates conflict, succeeds in scoring, and even intentionally hurts opponents.Pachulia before the Warrior is such a character.Now in the CBA, the Guangzhou men’s basketball team has become the favorite to win the league.Team veteran Huh Jong-ho started the second half of the second period, the defensive movement suddenly became extremely fierce.And the team also did not put more restrictions on him, to restrict his play.After lifting the ban, he hurt Wu Qian and Li Tianrong one after another, directly caused public anger.This time the league issued a double fine, from the original suspension of three games fine of 100,000 yuan, directly completed a double heavy penalty.The incident put an end to the veteran’s career.When he was young, he was the hope of the August 1st Men’s Basketball team and the key target of the national team. He was once hailed as the successor of Wang Zhizhi.In the twilight of his career, his defensive deterrence made him still in demand, and he eventually joined the Guangzhou Men’s Basketball Team.But now he suddenly loses his clean defense and habitually uses hurtful, even dirty, moves that can lead to devastating injuries.And the referees turn a blind eye, is to let him become to rely on.The league issued a heavy fine, I hope to make him reflect.The heavy punishment of Huh jong-ho became the main means to quell the incident.However, Yang Hongfeng has not been punished or even warned.Such heavy punishment is still a palliative, the referee problem is not solved, violence against violence on the field will continue to appear.This dirty play incident may be just the beginning, heavy penalty players never solve the fundamental problem!