DMV reminds: starting from April, these 4 types of driving licenses will cancel the subject 1 test

2022-08-07 0 By

From April 1, the new regulations on the application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving Licenses will be formally implemented.The new regulations in the driver’s license for the first time, increase driving on the adjustment and change.One of the biggest changes is: the examination subjects, the reduction of items.Is the driving test three subjects or four subjects?In our understanding, the driving test has 4 subjects: subject 1: basic knowledge test subject 2: driving skills test subject 3: road driving skills test subject 4: safety and civilization common sense test but in the legal provisions, subject 3 and subject 4 unified as “subject 3”.In accordance with the “provisions on motor vehicle driving license application and use of the” article 30. The motor vehicle drivers test content is divided into the road traffic safety laws, regulations, and knowledge of related subjects (hereinafter referred to as a “course”), the driving skills test subjects site (hereinafter referred to as “two subjects”), road driving skills and safe driving knowledge test subjects (hereinafter referred to as “three subjects”).I want you to know that.In accordance with the provisions of the past, driving license driving all subjects need to be re-tested in order to get a driving license.But in the new regulations, the four types of driving license test items will be reduced.According to the “Motor Vehicle driving License application and use provisions” article 30 has held a small automatic car quasi-driving type driving license application to increase the small car quasi-driving type, should be tested subject two and subject three.Those who have already held large buses, city buses, medium-sized buses, large trucks, small cars, small automatic transmission cars quasi-driving type driving license to apply for adding light tractor-trailer quasi-driving type, should take the test subject 2 and subject 3 safe and civilized driving knowledge.Subject 2 and subject 3 shall be taken by those who have already held a lightweight motorcycle quasi-driving type driving license and apply for adding an ordinary three-wheeled motorcycle quasi-driving type, or those who hold an ordinary two-wheeled motorcycle driving license and apply for adding an ordinary three-wheeled motorcycle quasi-driving type.Already owns a large passenger cars, heavy-duty tractor trailer, city buses, medium buses, large trucks, small cars, small automatic-shift cars must drive type of driving license of motor vehicle drivers change physical condition, is not in conformity with the motor vehicle driving license held by the quasi driving conditions, but conform to the special small automatic-shift passenger car type quasi driving conditions, apply for change,Subject 2 and subject 3 should be examined.The details are as follows: It should be noted that subject 3 in this regulation refers to “road driving skills and safe and civilized driving knowledge test”, namely subject 3 and subject 4.In this rule, “subject 3, safe and civilized driving knowledge” is often referred to as subject 4.I want you to know that.Category C driving licenses (C1 and C2 here) are also adjusted in this new regulation.In the past, the age limit for applying for a Class C driver’s license was above 18 years old and below 70 years old.But the “under 70” requirement has been removed from the new rules.That means there will no longer be an upper age limit for a Class C driver’s license.In addition, people aged 70 or older will be able to apply for a CLASS C driver’s license if they pass tests on memory, judgment and reaction ability.2) C2 driving test item deleted “ramp fixed parking and starting” in the past, whether C1 or C2 test items are the same.Including: reversing into storage, ramp fixed point parking and starting, side parking, curve driving, right Angle turn.But in the new regulations, the C2 driving license test will remove the “fixed stop and start ramp”, and retain the reverse parking, side parking, curve driving, right Angle turn.