What makes me as happy as a child

2022-08-06 0 By

Remember when I was a child, always happy because of little things, such as: Chinese New Year!It means that the family can get together to eat delicious food, can wear new clothes, can receive the New Year’s money from mom and dad, especially the New Year’s money, especially looking forward to.When I got the red envelope, I was so happy that I hoped I would never grow up and stay in that moment forever.But as time goes by, we also grow up imperceptibly.Later, gradually put the expectation of the year, into a love to see the Spring Festival Gala, from the host announced the Spring Festival Gala began, until The teacher Li Guyi sing “Unforgettable Tonight” ended, every year does not fall, every program is not let go, especially when seeing a person laugh at the sketch program, I always silly happy.But as I get older, some pressures in life have made me too busy to care about my own feelings.In recent years, the Spring Festival Gala, it seems that there is no longer that magic, attracted me to take a small bench to sit in front of the TV.It seems that there is no longer anything can make me happy as a child, is it that I am numb?Or do I not know how to be happy?In fact, no, because our focus is different, we pay attention to the health of our parents, or the life of a sibling, or the emotional catharsis of a partner, children’s academic performance and so on.But only forget our own, also need the company of family members, love to comfort, so we have no view of their own, which come happy and comfortable?But I firmly believe that there are such moments, but I have overlooked them.To contemplate for a moment, I suddenly remember not long ago, I wrote an article, appreciate and encourage by the teacher, the students have also congratulated, at that moment my heart is happy, but I can’t jump, just like a child that tend to be more mature now, I am happy, happy, this is unique to adults don’t like children.And I was in the study camp, the homework was rated excellent, that excited, is beyond words.It’s nice to have countless happy moments like this, at least to prove that I’m a simple-minded, easily moved and infected person.