What is the feeling of this special warmth in the four seasons of rain

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The four seasons of rain bring vitality to the author’s life, bring moisture to the author’s feelings, bring flow to the author’s thoughts, and purify the soul.The characteristics of rain in the four seasons: 1, spring rain: tender feelings and vitality classic sentence: Only this rain, just completely drive the winter, just make the world changed appearance.The flowers are in full bloom, the leaves are bulging with juice, countless weeds are scrambling to grow, and the heat is absorbed by a green sea.Suddenly, in a night, the window glass issued a sound, that is the rain, is to make people quiet, make people miss, make people emotional autumn rain ah!Suddenly in the evening the mercury drops, dawn knocks on the window, you open your eyes, roofs, branches, roads, have been covered with soft snow, the ground is brighter than the sky.The four seasons of rain are full of clever, giving “rain” a certain personification, full of interest and artistic conception.Liu Zhanqiu is a contemporary poet, writer, translator and critic.His poems “Written on early Spring letterhead”, “Warm Thoughts” and “Joy of Life” have been praised as “the king of contemporary lyric poetry.