To you on Valentine’s Day

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Meeting is caught off guard, leaving is premeditated.When disappointment saved enough to a certain extent, no longer noisy, don’t ask west east, just light to cope with, and then, one day, packed up the luggage, rearrange the good mood, so, silently a person, pulling the suitcase walked on the road.The world of mortals is cold, although very lusting after your warmth in the world of mortals, unfortunately, what you give me is estrangement and silence, one day, I saw your warmth to others.Originally, you are not silent high cold, originally, you will take the initiative, but, you take the initiative to warm that person, not me.Moved people, how can say put down put down, into the heart of the people, how willing to say forget forget?But your silence, I can not cross the mountain long water far.No matter how hard I try, still can’t pull the rope of time, also can’t stop the passage of time.Although my heart can not give up you, but, this earth between the mountains long water is broad, not mountains, rivers and seas, but this terrible powerless to break away from the secular, as well as your silence and cold.The vast sea of humanity, lucky to meet you, after a short encounter, is a long goodbye.At the beginning, thought that only in the late autumn of the drizzly rain dusk turned around, but also meet again, who knows, since then, is the landscape does not meet.Edge, no matter how I try, even if it is close at hand, the end is passed someone said: not forever commotion.Got cinnabar nevus, in the future is mosquito blood, got white moonlight, in the future is white rice.If you see them for who they are, you run.To these words, I deeply think so, your life, I only borrowed a ride.thank youNo matter how the outcome, I will always be grateful to meet.If lucky enough to meet again love, hand in hand, is willing to whitehead life, protect you well.If really miss, I wish you time unharmed, life without complaint without disturbance.