To carry out fire safety drill with a community in xi ‘an Economic Development Zone

2022-08-06 0 By

Life is precious, guard against it.In order to strengthen the fire safety work of the community health service center, and further enhance the majority of medical staff in the event of sudden disasters, skilled use of fire extinguishers, master the emergency response to the sudden fire, escape skills, recently, the modern agricultural community health service center organized a fire field drill.At 16:00, the fire drill officially began, the center in charge of the safety leaders to make a mobilization speech, and by xi ‘an Fire Limited company teachers to explain the common portable dry powder fire extinguisher specific use method.At the end of the teaching, the participants experienced how to use the fire extinguisher correctly.The fire drill was carried out in a tense and orderly manner. The drill achieved the expected effect and finally achieved a complete success.Through this exercise, the emergency rescue skills and comprehensive quality of emergency response of medical staff of modern agricultural community health Service center can be improved, and the fire fighting knowledge training and emergency drill work can be carried out regularly, which will effectively reduce accident harm, reduce accident loss, and ensure the safe, healthy and orderly development of the center.