The epidemic has prompted Chinese in Peru’s wechat business group to start thinking about business opportunities

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China overseas network, February 17 According to Peru’s “GongYanBao” report, from the beginning on March 16, 2020, Peru for COVID – 19 outbreak since the state of national emergency, many businesses in the city a few months after sealing in a suspended state, especially in Chinese restaurants, Chinese goods stores and other business are under this outbreak the survival of experienced a severe test.Although it has been two years since the outbreak, the epidemic in Peru has yet to see the light of day, but the life and business of Chinese living abroad still need to continue. How to survive is the biggest problem facing overseas Chinese, and they need to use their brains to find business opportunities.In the information society, wechat circle of friends has become a preferred means of promotion for overseas Chinese in Peru, and wechat business groups in overseas Chinese circle have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain.Wechat business groups include Chinese restaurant takeaways, daily necessities such as meat, eggs, seafood and vegetables, and decorative materials.On the one hand, overseas Chinese businesses have found a way to promote sales, on the other hand, it has greatly facilitated the life of overseas Chinese wechat business circle, and built an interactive platform for buyers and sellers.Wechat business groups in the overseas Chinese community began in the early days of the Peruvian government’s state of emergency, when the authorities banned eating, shops and large commercial centers closed.As both the supply and demand sides are in urgent need of daigou and door-to-door delivery services, several daigou groups have gradually emerged in overseas Chinese communities. Some of them have their own supermarkets, and others help daigou buy meat, seafood, vegetables and other daily necessities and deliver them to their homes, which greatly facilitates the consumers who are isolated at home.Numerous daigou group, also let consumers have more choices., after some big Chinese restaurants began to look at the old customers and friends, although no sit-in at the time of the environment, the friend, diners to pull together to set up a group, the restaurant recipes pictures and prices to let my wife know, both intuitively to promote their own dishes, is also convenient for customers choice, take-out delivery to meet the needs of customers.This approach also attracted many new diners to join, and soon formed a small community of several hundred people.This brings business to businesses and allows diners to enjoy the best of both worlds without leaving home.The reporter asked by a Chinese restaurant just established the “VIP group” boss, the establishment of this group of effects, the boss said, is mainly convenient to promote their new dishes and take-out orders, at the same time can interact with diners, at least to help the restaurant to promote and promote.Reporters recently joined a group of several small one specializes in small group, and every day in WeChat group show a wide variety of goods, reporters sometimes occasionally see, found that there are many things they need, in the group of the store promotion, but also an entity shop, and the boss decided good time on the Internet, time to look at the physical store and quality,This purposeful purchase also saves time.There is also a small famous “daigou group” in the overseas Chinese circle. This is her third group, and the number of people has reached more than 1,300.According to the group owner, the group started in April 2020, when she set up a sales group just after the city was shut down.How to attract so many people to join her group, she said, only the sales, after-sales service, product do well in order to retain customers.She said, “To master the harvest time of vegetables, fruits and meat in each season, to get first-hand resources first, customers are willing to buy, need to pay attention to find new sources of goods.There is also the use of distribution software, the goods with good, good packaging, let the driver pick up the goods, goods to inform the guests to pay the fare.And it’s all by money transfer, so there’s very little face-to-face transaction.”The group owner said her main customers are mutual referrals, mostly Chinese companies, some of which have gone through a succession of chefs and still buy her products.(Meng Kexin)