No more faces?Shandong was beaten 28-6 at the opening, gao Shiyan roared defense, Xu Changsuo was silent

2022-08-06 0 By

On April 4, Beijing time, the CBA league playoffs continued, 12 into 8 in the second round of shandong high-speed men’s basketball and Shenzhen new Century meet again.At the beginning, Shandong high speed played very discomfitingly, and was beaten by Shenzhen New Century 28-6. Shandong head coach Xu Changsuo was very silent, and Gao Shiyan was not satisfied with his teammates’ defensive attitude.Before Xu Changsuo in an interview had thought that Shandong high-speed and Shenzhen new Century equal strength in the middle, but the first time in the playoffs shandong high-speed lost quite weak, according to the truth of poor and change, the second game Shandong team should come up with a tougher performance.However, what we see at the beginning is a completely out of the state of the starting lineup, shandong team was beaten 18-2 at the beginning of the opponent, xu Changsuo at this time to think of suspension.Shandong players seem to have been stunned, Xu Changsuo’s time-out has not been effective, Shenzhen new Century continued to crush a wave of flow to 28-6, half the game was 22 points ahead of Shandong, this is obviously not xu Changsuo thought the match between the two.The shandong team in the first half after entering the phases under high rock poetry played a lot better, what guillen walter has played a very positive, but high poem YanGang appearance time and the defense of several teammates echo is not very good, after the rock has been a breakthrough in high poetry was not his teammates come and help, shenzhen new players Lu Pengyu directly above the basket, then high rock nu,Shouted a defense, compared to the ignorant teammates, Gao Shiyan’s attitude and role in the game are much better, in the first game when Gao Shiyan is the team played the most hard one.Gao Shiyan’s roar and positive attitude to a certain extent in driving teammates, Shandong team in the second half of the first quarter also had some momentum to chase points, but look at the shandong high-speed head coach Xu Changsuo, most of the time are silent, as if he is the fans mouth that VIP watch the ball.