Gold jewelry and gold products are selling briskly in Wushi

2022-08-06 0 By

Tianshan network news (reporter Ran Hu report) This year’s Spring Festival, many consumers choose the New Year to add “gold”, a good color head.The reporter learned from gold jewelry counters in many shopping malls and gold business departments of commercial banks in Urumqi that gold sales have increased significantly since the Lunar New Year due to holiday factors.During the Spring Festival, the reporter saw in many shopping malls in Urumqi city that many consumers gathered in front of the gold jewelry counters. Some of them bought gold ornaments for themselves in the New Year, and some of them bought gold gifts for their families.In the first three days after the holiday, the reporter visited many shopping malls in Urumqi city again and found that consumers’ enthusiasm for buying gold jewelry was not reduced.”Since the beginning of the Lunar New Year, gold products have been selling very well, with sales increasing by more than 200 percent compared with normal months, and people between 30 and 50 years old are the main consumers,” a salesman at chaohongji jewelry counter in Urumqi July 1 Maoyuan Shopping center told reporters.Salespeople at the Lao Miao Gold jewellery counter in the same mall say sales are up about 35 per cent this year compared with the same period last year.During the Spring Festival this year, gold jewelry counters in shopping malls are rich in variety, with innovative and upgraded products.Among them, simple retro style and gold ornaments of ancient technology are the most favored by consumers.Simple yet retro, stick bracelets, and beaded, gold and pearl stacked styles have become popular.Tiger shape ornaments, zodiac ornaments, tiger year investment gold bars are also gold selling varieties.Not only shopping malls gold jewelry sales, the bank’s gold product sales are also unusually hot.A number of banks personal finance department gold business related person in charge told reporters that since January, the bank’s investment gold bars, cultural gold products, the People’s Bank of China issued gold coins, zodiac gold souvenir sales have increased substantially, mainly middle-aged and elderly people to buy.According to Liu Shiliang, product manager of the personal finance department at CCB’s Xinjiang branch, sales of investment gold bars alone have more than doubled from normal across the bank’s jurisdiction.For gold, sell like hot cakes in urumqi, hongshan, head of the new century shopping plaza, a famous jewellery brand analysis, said: “in recent years, consumers growing consumer demand for gold, the international gold prices at $1800 an ounce, up and down the price of gold jewelry and lasted for a long time of stable, combined with the before and after the Spring Festival is the traditional peak season of gold consumption.All of these factors have contributed to increased sales of gold jewelry.”Liu Shiliang pointed out that many customers buy gold products such as gold bars for asset allocation, wealth inheritance and asset preservation.He suggested that in the context of global currency overissuance, household allocation of gold is a good choice.