From minivans to 17.5 meters large trucks, the cargo trailers meet the freight needs of different users

2022-08-06 0 By

Under the current development trend of the Internet, all walks of life are actively applying Internet technology to continue innovation.Cargo Lala integrates social transportation resources through sharing mode to complete massive transportation capacity reserve. Relying on mobile Internet, big data and artificial intelligence technology, it builds a “convenient, scientific and reliable” freight platform to realize real-time intelligent dispatching of various models and provide efficient logistics solutions for individuals, merchants and enterprises.At the model choice, lala has established a complete system of vehicles, vans, small goods, goods in cars, trucks, cargo, plate, etc, the user can choose different specifications of the models according to requirements, no matter big company or a small store, whether it’s family car or personal cargo, can easily in the cargo lala APP to choose the appropriate models.At the same time, the cargo lab also attaches great importance to safety.In terms of training, drivers need to pass pre-job offline safety training and pass the exam before they can take orders. In the form of graphic explanation of training materials, online answers by APP, video lectures and on-site experience, drivers are guaranteed to receive safety training at least twice a month online to improve safety awareness.In terms of organizational structure, in addition to the background security system, safety education, safety products, safety operation, safety disposal personnel, cargo LABS also set up a security customer service team of nearly 200 people, to standardize and manage each link of the freight process.As the leading enterprise of the Internet freight platform, Cargo Lala will continue to play its advantages in the future, provide users with convenient freight services, and make more contributions to the development of the industry.