Baoding High-tech Zone “unveiled the list” to help enterprises promote scientific and technological innovation

2022-08-06 0 By

Baoding high-tech zone to released the first batch of 24 this year “JieBang 1” project list, science and technology demand of advanced manufacturing, new energy, smart grid, intelligent information, life and health, new materials, energy conservation, environmental protection and other industries areas, aims to “JieBang 1”, for the enterprise to build Bridges to seek technological breakthroughs, promote enterprise technology innovation.According to reports, the high-tech zone implemented the spirit of the meeting of the Municipal Committee of the Deep reform, in accordance with the requirements of the reform of the science and technology plan “delegating control and serving”, and actively promoted the science and technology special project of “opening the list and leading the list”, and set up a special fund of 10 million yuan to support the project of “opening the list and leading the list” after the evaluation.The “publication of the list” invites participants from all over the country. No matter their qualifications, there is no threshold and only practical results are sought. All universities, research institutes, science and technology enterprises and individuals who can promote technological innovation and commercialization are invited to participate.All kinds of innovation subjects and achievement transformation undertaking subjects that can promote enterprise development and industrial technological progress will have the opportunity to obtain financial support.Next, the high-tech zone will enter the “ranking evaluation” and ask for efficiency. On the basis of following the tasks and expected goals of ranking disclosure, the effectiveness of solving practical problems will be taken as the evaluation standard, so as to promote the accurate and effective application and transformation of technological innovation and scientific and technological achievements.(Reporter Liu Fang, correspondent Zhang Hui) Source: Baoding Daily pays attention to Hebei News network, understand the latest news in Hebei.