1400 meters high mountain ice observation master and apprentice stick to

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On New Year’s Eve, Gao Yonggong went to East Guangxi Tieshan Wind Power Plant as usual to start a new round of anti-freezing and thawing ice duty.Different is, this year side many a disciple Xie Xinyou.Gao Yonggong, 56, is the oldest and most experienced power transmission inspector at State Grid Chenzhou Power Supply Company.When there is a cold wave and ice, Gao Yonggong will enter the ice observation post at the first time and monitor the ice situation 24 hours a day. Over the years, he has inspected more than 160,000 kilometers of routes.In 2021, he was named “Good Man of Hunan”.Apprentice Xie Xinyou, 22 years old, just graduated from college for half a year, is a gentle young man, we used to call him Xiao Xie.”I didn’t want to bring Xiao Xie to the mountain for the Spring Festival this year, but he volunteered.””Xiao Xie is one year younger than my son,” gao said. “We are the oldest and youngest team in the company, like a man.”Gao Yonggong’s post at Tieshan was located at the top of Niulang Mountain, 1420 meters above sea level.The top of the mountain was “shrouded in smoke” and visibility was very poor. Although there was an intelligent ice observation device, fog and extreme cold greatly reduced the accuracy of the device, making manual measurements necessary.The mountain path was winding and steep. Gao and Xie had to walk for more than 30 minutes in sub-zero temperatures to reach the freezing point, and they had to report the monitoring situation every four hours.Although the line is not covered with ice, but the mountain road is ice ballast, the road is wet, so the anti-skid shoes must be tied to a catty “crampon”, the physical quality requirements are very high.During the Spring Festival, the power transmission maintenance company of State Grid Chenzhou sent eight groups of anti-freezing and ice-thawing sentinel teams to monitor the ice situation and regularly report the temperature, humidity, wind speed and ice-covering situation in each period of time, so as to eliminate the hidden danger of ice-covering in time and ensure the stable operation of the power grid in Chenzhou during the Spring Festival.[Editor: Peng Kexin][Source: Hunan Daily · New Hunan client]