The founding lieutenant general was assigned a special task, he tried to evade it, Premier Zhou: don’t do it!

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In 1949, along with the founding of new China, there was also the Air Force of the People’s Liberation Army.China’s founding general Liu Yalou served as the first commander of China’s Air Force, at the same time, there are several outstanding generals were appointed as deputy commander of the Air Force, to assist Liu Yalou general to carry out the construction of the air force, one of the deputy commander is China’s founding lieutenant General Wang Bingzhang.At that time, Although China had the world’s top army, its air force and navy were almost blank, especially the newly established air force, because China did not yet have the industrial capacity to manufacture aircraft. The few aircraft that China had were either assisted by its big brother, the Soviet Union, or captured from the Japanese and Kuomintang armies.Wang bingzhang served as a leader of the PLA Air Force for 18 years. He made great contributions to the protection of China’s airspace security by developing the PLA air Force step by step from scratch.But few people know that Wang bingzhang once held a special post, over which he even got into a dispute with Premier Zhou.What’s going on here?From peasant child to founding general Wang Bingzhang was born in a poor peasant family in Anyang, Henan province in 1914. The central Plains of China was divided by many warlords, large and small, who waged wars and grabbed territories for each other, bringing deep suffering to the common people.To make a living, Wang joined the army of warlord Feng Yuxiang.In 1930, Chiang Kai-shek, Yan Xishan, Feng Yuxiang and other warlords broke out in Henan and Shandong and other places of a great free-for-all, this is known as the Great War of the Central Plains.In this battle, Feng Yuxiang suffered a bitter defeat, had to announce to the country electrify down, and his troops were all organized by Chiang Kai-shek, Wang Bingzhang is also among them.Although Chiang kai-shek had staged a counter-revolutionary coup in Shanghai and demanded that the Kuomintang and the Communists draw a line, the two parties remained inextricably linked.After the outbreak of the “September 18” Incident, Wang bingzhang’s 26th Route Army was suppressed by Chiang Kai-shek because of its request for resistance against Japan. In 1931, Wang bingzhang participated in the Ningdu uprising launched by the 26th Route Army and joined the Red Army.Since then, Wang bingzhang really embarked on the path of revolution, he studied communist theory in the Red Army, and joined the Communist Party on the recommendation of other party members.After the outbreak of the War of Resistance against Japanese aggressions, Wang Bingzhang has been in the front line against the Japanese aggressions, his 115 division is adapted from the red army when the long March, fighting ability is very strong.In 1939, 115 division in Shandong area and the Japanese fighting, at this time Of Wang Bingzhang has served as the brigade commander of the 343 brigade, under his command, 343 brigade launched a number of ambush battles against the Japanese army, annihilated a large number of Japanese puppet troops, a powerful blow to the Arrogance of the Japanese aggressors.Due to his outstanding military achievements, Wang bingzhang was appointed as the commander of the 11th Column during the War of Liberation. He once took part in the famous Huaihai Campaign under the general Su Yu of our army and played an important role in the battle to exterminate Huang Baitao and Huang Wei Corps.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Wang bingzhang was awarded the rank of lieutenant general by the Central Military Commission and served as deputy commander of the Newly-formed Air Force.General to build missiles, the prime minister said: do not do it!At the end of the 1950s, relations between China and the Soviet Union gradually deteriorated. Stalin, the Soviet leader at that time, was very violent and autocratic, often commanding Our country.However, the central leadership headed by Chairman MAO always adhered to the policy of independence and resolutely did not become a vassal of the Soviet Union.In this way, the Soviet Union ordered the withdrawal of all technical experts from Our country, and our fledgling defense industry came to a standstill.Missile development, a top defence priority, has suffered particularly severe setbacks.Without Soviet aid, we’ll do it ourselves!The Party Central Committee is determined to develop China’s national defense industry through self-reliance.On December 14, 1959, Wang bingzhang suddenly received a phone call from the central government, asking him to go to Guangzhou to attend a conference on missile development.Wang Bingzhang confused, wondering to fly to Guangzhou, did not expect, Wang Bingzhang saw his old boss here, as the air force commander Liu Yalou.At the meeting, the organization issued a personnel order appointing Liu Yalou as the director of the Fifth Missile Research Institute and Wang Bingzhang as its deputy director.Wang Bingzhang was surprised, he hurriedly found Liu Yalou refused: “Commander Liu, how is this?I don’t know anything about missiles!””It’s the central government’s decision,” Liu said helplessly. “You have to go to Premier Zhou, and THERE’s nothing I can do.”So Wang bingzhang returned to Beijing, went directly to Premier Zhou’s office, said to Premier Zhou that he could not do it: “Premier, I have a low level of education, how can I know how to research missiles?Isn’t it wrong to make me dean?”Premier Zhou stopped his work and asked, “Who among us knows?You recommend one to me!”Wang Bingzhang heard this sentence, immediately speechless.Premier Zhou then said earnestly: “Now the country is in a difficult period, the missile research work is the most important, we are going to pick up the task, head on, can’t do also do!”Hearing the premier’s words, Wang Bingzhang’s heart a rin, loudly: “Yes!Finish the job resolutely!”From then on, Wang bingzhang moved from the air force base to the Great Gobi desert in northwest China and devoted himself to missile development.He carried out a detailed reform of the working system of the Missile Research Institute and brought together the best military experts of our time.Under the leadership of General Wang Bingzhang, the comrades of the Institute worked day and night on missile research and development. Without the technical assistance of the Soviet Union, they started from scratch.Without the aid of advanced computers, they use abacuses, pen and paper to do calculations.In this way, our country created a major miracle in the industrial history of the world.In November 1960, China’s “Dongfeng 1” missile was successfully launched, marking the first big step in China’s missile industry.Just a few years later, the atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb independently developed by China successfully exploded, and from then on, China truly stepped into the forest of world powers.Summary: Nowadays, China’s missiles are constantly updated and iterated, and have already been in the world’s top level.In the military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 2019, the DF-17 hypersonic missile made a dazzling debut, and its technological level even surpassed that of the World’s top power, the United States.And all this is inseparable from the efforts of the older generation of revolutionary predecessors such as Wang Bingzhang, it is their unremitting struggle decades ago, we can stand on the shoulders of revolutionary ancestors overlooking the world.