Shanghai Sports Museum On February 16th

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On February 16, the Shanghai sports museum will hand in hand with franchise stores offer games souvenirs booking service based on the Shanghai sports museum applet statistics appointment in the library and franchise stores stock situations games souvenirs booking service is expected to be at the end of the morning of February 16 am on booking, please visit the number of partners and bring good reservation code and personal identityAfter the verification, enter the museum and under the guidance of the staff orderly booking souvenir purchase qualification booking afternoon visit partners please pay attention to check SMS notification oh!On February 16, the day doesn’t accept site visit the citizens can also go to an appointment franchise stores book more souvenirs corpuscle special remind if not in the online to make an appointment to visit on February 16, the day can’t success in the library has been successfully booking on February 16, visit the citizens shall be in accordance with the reservation that day session time entry booking afternoon in visitors to check into the pavilion in the morning Visit the information,Slow collection!Opening time: 9:30-11:30 am (11:00 stop check-in), 14:00-16:30 PM (16:00 stop check-in).2. Visitors who make reservations on February 16, please bring along the original id card and swipe the application code, the original ID card or the admission code at the entrance.3. Visitors are requested to wear a mask and check their body temperature with the staff. If their body temperature is normal, they can enter the museum by scanning their second-generation ID card.Overseas visitors should register offline at the service center, get the visiting ticket and show the health code and relevant certificates before entering the museum.4. The volume must exceed 30cm &times before entering the museum.50 cm & times;60cm items and umbrellas will be stored in the tourist service center. Please cooperate with the staff to carry out security inspection when going through the security check, and put your personal belongings into the security check machine for security check.V. Please observe the visit order consciously, and cooperate with the on-site guidance and command of the museum staff.Do not chase, push crowded, loud noise, so as not to affect other visitors.Smoking, eating, spitting and littering are prohibited in the library.7. Visitors should take good care of the museum facilities and public service facilities, and do not touch the collections.8. In case of emergency, please follow the instructions of the staff in the museum and leave quickly and orderly.Shanghai Sports Museum reserves the right to interpret the instructions.Thank you for your enthusiastic participation and understanding of this event, and especially thank you for your enthusiastic attention and cheering for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games!Welcome to Shanghai Sports Museum. We are looking forward to the future together with everyone who cares about sports and loves sports.Source: Shanghai Sports