Provincial Traffic quarantine group 24 hours emergency Duty room New Year’s Eve: with adherence to write dedicated “blessing”

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Southeast network February 1 (this network reporter Feng Chuan Ye correspondent Lin Hui Wang Hai) “excuse me in Fujian up and down high-speed need to show nucleic acid testing report?””Where can I find the nearest nucleic acid test site?”New Year’s Eve evening, it is every family is eating dinner time, provincial transportation center on duty indoor duty attendant solemn is emergency then on duty phone.Outside the window is the New Year’s Eve lights and lively firecrackers sound, duty room is the determination and perseverance of traffic people.Provincial transport center is solemnly 24 hours on duty hotline New Year’s Eve 2 PM to 10 PM on duty.Not only was the phone in the duty room ringing, but so was his cell phone.There are greetings from relatives, New Year’s greetings from friends and video requests from children.All he could do was answer the call on duty and press off the phone again and again.Had attended two years of traffic quarantine emergency duty he, can say to this duty work content is very understanding.He quickly answered the consultants’ questions, asked them to be safe on the road and sent them Spring Festival greetings.The handling of the hand on duty duty work has been close to 8 o ‘clock in the evening, solemnly this just eat his wife sent dinner.”Even though we just answer the phone, there’s a lot of work behind the scenes.”Solemnly told reporters, to value this class, in addition to a cavity enthusiasm and sincere attitude, but also need excellent business ability.Duty officers must have a comprehensive understanding of the epidemic prevention and control policies in the province, so as to provide accurate answers, prompt emergency dispatching and coordination, and efficient complaint handling and implementation.Serious and his wife Huang Yarong are provincial transportation center cadres.They are husband and wife, but also “comrade-in-arms” fighting side by side on the transportation front of epidemic prevention and control.When COVID-19 struck in 2020, they volunteered to give up their holidays and go to war.Outbreak tight most solemnly to unit for the home for two months in a row, led by his form traffic epidemic prevention and control of the whole province emergency materials transportation and highway bao tong bao chang 24 hours is designed.the created the “speed”, “fujian plague transport resistance, resistance to disease convoys 41000 tons, the powerful guarantee of emergency material transportation security of the people’s livelihood, named” best guardian “title.He also joined the provincial Youth Voluntary blood Donation Commando team and participated in the emergency blood donation against COVID-19 in the provincial Blood Center, casting loyalty with blood.His wife, Huang Yarong, walked nearly 15 kilometers to get back to work by various means of transportation despite the road blockade in their hometown, and quickly threw herself into the epidemic prevention and control work alongside her husband.She led the establishment of a female volunteer service team to provide internal control services and publicize the anti-epidemic deeds of women in transportation, and actively mobilized and participated in the donation of anti-epidemic materials to wuhan Children’s Hospital.Close to 8 o ‘clock solemnly just finish the work on hand, eat the New Year’s Eve dinner sent by his wife (interviewees for the picture) this year is the tenth year that the couple married.For the couple, New Year’s Eve is part of their daily work life, and it is the most down-to-earth and mundane moment for the traffic couple working side by side.During the Spring Festival, the province in the charge of the transportation hub transport quarantine set on duty 24 hours emergency on-duty work, 24 hours on duty on the public telephone, earnestly do a good job in response to the outbreak of various kinds of emergency supplies, and key production supplies, medical supplies and the prevention and control personnel emergency transportation security work, to ensure that the transportation “broken three continuously”.”Hello, I am in Zhengzhou, preparing to board the plane back to Fuzhou, could you tell me when is the last bus back to Luoyuan from Warwick bus Station?”New Year’s Eve at 10 o ‘clock in the evening, the traffic quarantine group 24 hours emergency duty officer Wu St on time “work”.In his hometown of Quanzhou, he took the New Year’s Eve dinner to noon and hurried back to Fuzhou by bullet train.Be on duty from New Year’s Eve until 8 am on The first day of the lunar New Year.In order to value the New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day morning class, the New Year’s Eve dinner in advance to eat at noon in quanzhou hometown.(Photo provided by interviewee) At the time of family reunion, he opened wechat and prepared to have a video with his daughter. The phone in front of him rang again. He had to smile apologetically to his daughter in the video and continued to answer the phone.”New Year’s Eve is a special and important day for every Chinese. Family ties touch the hearts of millions of people. If I can successfully help solve every call for help on this day, I feel my work is very meaningful.””He said earnestly.”Happy New Year!You were laborious!”A young girl’s voice on the phone.”It was already two o ‘clock in the morning, but he was still in high spirits, sticking to his post by phone and computer.During the Spring Festival travel rush, in order to cope with the possible surge of traffic caused by the epidemic, the provincial department also transferred 40 cadres from units directly under the department to serve as the 24-hour emergency on-duty reserve force of the provincial transportation quarantine group, ensuring that the personnel are on standby at any time.Since the Spring Festival travel rush, we have received more than 1,300 kinds of hotline calls, among which 421 were answered on the spot, 23 were transferred to 12328 hotlines in relevant cities, and 779 work orders were established, all of which were 100% solved.Source: southeast Net