Mauritius retakes occupied territory?Five men in a boat, thundered the house of Commons fryer

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According to domestic media, Mauritius recently took a decisive step to publicly express its claim to London regarding the island dispute between the UK and Mauritius., according to the guardian, at 10:30 a.m. local time on February 14, in Mauritius government, under the arrangement of Mauritius ambassador to the UN, jagdish, hong and a number of Mauritius officials landed her luo in PNG, atolls, and raising the Mauritius in reef red blue yellow green, four color flag and singing on the island of Mauritius national anthem,A public declaration of sovereignty.”British ownership of the Chagos islands has been formally challenged,” was how the Guardian described the actions of Mauritian officials.During the flag-raising ceremony, Mauritian Prime Minister Pravinder Jugnauth made a pre-recorded speech that was broadcast through loudspeakers to Chagos residents, Mauritian officials and media gathered on the beach.Through this measure, Mauritius has demonstrated to the general officials, the public and the international media the confidence and determination of resolutely safeguarding the sovereignty of the island.Mauritius prime Minister Mauritius said that this was the first time Mauritius sent an official team to this part of the territory and he personally regretted not being personally involved in the historic visit.But in a recorded speech, he congratulated the officials who landed on the island, saying he was happy that our Chagossian brothers and sisters had made it back to their birthplace without any foreign escort.At the same time, the Prime Minister of Mauritius further stated that, as a sovereign state over Chagos, he wished to convey to the world that Mauritius would ensure the administration of the territory, including maritime safety and the Marine environment, with particular concern for the settlement of those Chagos inhabitants and their descendants.In order to show the Mauritius delegation’s position, the landing officials also installed a metal plaque at the bottom of the flag pole, which clearly stated that “the Mauritius delegation visited the Pelos Banius Islands of the Republic of Mauritius in the context of a scientific survey of Blenheim Reef.When asked why Mauritius held the flag-raising ceremony, Mauritius ambassador to the United Nations, who attended the ceremony, told the media, “We are raising our flag just like the British did when they established the colony. We are taking back what is rightfully ours.”Mauritius by colonial history but also from a few hundred years ago, the 15 th century, since the European settlers began to maritime extension and plunder, and into the continent, africans experienced hundreds of years of colonial slavery, hundred years many black people were as slaves to all over the world, all these people from generation to generation drudge, become real “working machine”,When the machine stops working, it is ruthlessly abandoned.As a result, Africa has become known as the “dark continent”.After the end of the Second World War, The strength of European countries weakened, and Africa set off an unprecedented wave of struggle. More and more African countries gained independence and sovereignty, and the world colonial system gradually collapsed, but there were still some African colonies in the hands of European countries.In 1965, The United Kingdom forced Mauritius to sell the Chagos Islands to the United Kingdom for 3 million pounds as part of the overlord terms of Mauritius independence.Mauritius has always been dissatisfied with the British domineering behavior, and the flag-raising on the island is to swear sovereignty.