Gutian Road 4 traffic jam is very serious

2022-08-05 0 By

Since the farmers market moved to Gutian Road 4, Gutian Road 4 became a parking lot.Usually, but now it’s worse.Especially on holidays, traffic can be from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.There was basically no relief in the middle.Literally.It has seriously affected the quality of life and travel of nearby residents.Increased air pollution and urban congestion.Request to move the farmers’ market to a suitable location and return the normal life of residents.We have learned that what you are saying is the order problem around the Changjialu Farmers’ Market on Gutian 4th Road. You claim that the establishment of the farmers’ market there has seriously affected the normal life of the residents there, and you require to move out.Changjia Road has only two two-way motor lanes, with non-motor lanes separated by lane dividers on both sides. On the left side of the road are Changhua Apartment Phase I and Phase II, on the right side are Wing Lee Fresh Market and Pacific Farmers Market, and shop fronts on both sides of the road.The Yongli Fresh Market and Pacific Farmers Market you reflect are large fresh non-staple food wholesale markets. The market effect has been formed, and people from surrounding areas come here to purchase and wholesale fresh goods in an endless stream.According to the qiaokou district standardized vegetable market layout plan, there is no market adjustment plan for the time being.In view of the actual situation of Changjia Road, the traffic brigade has taken a series of measures: 1, using the electronic capture equipment of Changjia Road to capture the punishment of illegal parking vehicles, arrange the road police to manage illegal parking vehicles;2. Made door-to-door communication with Wynn Fresh Market and Pacific Farmers Market, arranged personnel to assist the traffic guidance in front of the door, and strengthened the parking management of non-motor vehicles such as electric vehicles and motor vehicles;3. In front of the market on the north side of Changjia Road and on the side of Changhua Apartment on the south side of Changjia Road, some free parking berths are set up for temporary parking of vehicles coming to the market for wholesale, which are managed uniformly by personnel arranged by the market;4. Inform the streets of the situation of Changjia Road, strive for support, and form a tripartite situation of street urban management, traffic and market.Through the above measures, the occupation of the sidewalk and non-motor lane operation situation was basically eliminated, the market side arranged more than ten people to guide the non-motor vehicles and motor vehicles parked in front of the market every day, the traffic order of Changjia Road has been greatly improved.Changjia Road has been included in the daily control scope of the traffic brigade, and every day police are arranged to control the illegal parking of vehicles. This road is a non-strictly controlled road. While strengthening the control, the implementation of traffic Management Bureau’s convenience measures, in the non-strictly controlled road section, 19:00 to 7:00 the next day, single row parking vehicles will not be punished.Double-row or multi-row parking and occupying the fire passageway, motor vehicles parked in the time period not allowed, affecting the passage of vehicles will be strictly investigated according to law.After receiving the report, the traffic brigade has organized the police to clean up the illegal parking vehicles on Gutian Road Four Long Jia Road, the scene patrol police in accordance with the provisions of the illegal parking vehicles were advised to leave and paste the management.