Elden method ring tips for handle button tips to share setting methods

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Elden Circle was created by famous Japanese game producer Hidetaka Miyazaki, in collaboration with the author of a Song of Ice and Fire.In addition to PC platform, elden Farring is also logged in PS5 and PS4 platform, so many players after entering the game, the prompt is the gamepad operation, rather than the keyboard and mouse, so it does not match, small editor for everyone to sort out how to set the gamepad operation to the keyboard and mouse operation method, to share with friends who need.Eldenfa-ring is full of various elements of the mysterious Nordic Celtic mythology. Players can experience not only the soul games that Hidetaka Miyazaki is good at, but also the grand story of the competition between small countries that the author of a Song of Ice and Fire is good at.First you log in to Elden Circle and click on the system button in the game.Find the display and sound configuration button in the system, click the button to enter the page.Then find the option to use the operating device.Click next to >To switch the operation mode from gamepad to keyboard and mouse.This allows the player to complete the gamepad, keyboard and mouse Settings, and then enter the Elden Ring to find that all the actions are performed by the keyboard and mouse.Elden ring configuration is high, so the network environment requirements for players will be higher, xiaobian recommend players to play Elden Ring, use strange game acceleration, open acceleration.Greatly improve the network speed, so that the game to avoid delay, card, server seconds to connect.The above is the method of setting the handle operation as the keyboard and mouse operation in the Eldon ring, hoping to give you a reference to help you solve this kind of problem.