How much I hate the Nets!Harden didn’t even show up to blow, rivers legendary coach Embiid strongest inside

2022-08-04 0 By

The love/hate relationship between Harden and the Nets is surprising to many fans, given that harden and Durant were once known as the thunder duo.With both becoming league superstars, it seems the bromance between the two isn’t as strong as fans might think.Harden responded immediately after Durant’s all-star selection, saying he didn’t want to go to the Nets.The rockets’ first choice to leave was to come to the sixers, which is a clear loss of face.”We’re one of the best coaches ever,” he said. “Rivers is a legendary coach.Embiid is the best post in the league. He can do everything on the floor, and with him I feel like we can win a championship.”Harden was already sucking up to the 76ers before he even showed up, which is a sign of how happy he was to leave the Nets.But there are big questions about his puffiness, starting with Rivers, as a classic overturned miracle.His clippers coaching tragedy is also the fans constantly made fun of.He was also nicknamed the Master of Chicken Soup over the years, when the Celtics won the championship.It’s unclear how effective coaching the Sixers will be right now.Then there’s the question of whether Embiid is really any better than his big brother, Kevin Durant, who couldn’t bring him to the championship, and whether embiid and embiid together can knock off the Bucks.But since Harden this time down the hard-hearted, and his big brother fell out with the playoffs expect Harden to lead the team performance.