Equity is invincible, come and get your first Union Pay diamond card

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The 2022 Tournament is out: The tournament of the Year!What credit card is worth applying for in 2022?Before shuai shuai introduced the gameplay of union Pay diamond card “U Enjoy” : how to increase the interest of credit card by 6 times?Play union Pay “U enjoy” to review first.To put it simply, an ordinary bank diamond card, consumption standard, through the “U enjoy” holding, can add the following rights and interests: ● Pick up and drop off: 14 times (2 times by default, 12 times by gift);● Physical examination: 5 times (1 time by default, 4 times as a bonus);● Teeth cleaning: 5 times (1 time by default, 4 times as a bonus);● Star hotel fitness swimming: 20 times (default 12 times, 8 times free);● Equestrian courtesy: 8 times;● Medical assistance: 14 times (default 6 times, 8 times free);● Famous specialty: 4 times….Note that the above benefits are only the bonus of “U enjoy” and do not include the card rights granted by the bank itself.If the combination of the two, but also what super high-end card, an ordinary UnionPay diamond card is enough for you to play.Sum up the rights and interests “U Enjoy” can receive each year, as shown in the table: Enter the main topic today.After the previous article was published, many partners showed interest in unionPay’s diamond card.Originally thought of thousands of annual fee is still a little distressed, but now a look, found that with the “U Enjoy” plus, diamond card cost performance is very high.So the question comes, what are the diamond credit cards of UnionPay at present, and which ones are most worth applying for?Still go up form first: visible, the diamond credit card of unionpay is still quite much, annual fee varies from 3600 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.Some partners do not know the difference between “real drill” and “water drill”.Simply speaking, annual fee is in 3600 yuan above, can understand to be true drill.And the annual fee is easy to reduce, such as free annual fee (mintai bank diamond), brush a few free annual fee (Jiangsu bank diamond) and so on is called water diamond.There is a significant difference in the rights and interests of the two, the rights and interests of the “water diamond” is much less than the “real diamond”, such as no star hotel fitness swimming, no Disney VIP and so on.And the union Pay “U enjoy” activity is also not allowed to participate.Therefore, if you want to participate in the “U Enjoy” activity of UnionPay and achieve a big upgrade of benefits, then a “real diamond” is essential.Which ones are worth applying for?At present, the most easy to apply for unionPay “true diamond” credit card is SPD Bright diamond credit card, before Shuai special post: “Overnight, the diamond card became popular”.The water is very difficult to apply for the standard platinum credit card.The annual fee is 3600 yuan, giving 3 points of the hotel’s equity value every year.Beyond that, the card doesn’t have much equity.This card is recommended not because of its benefits, but because it is easy to apply for.After all, unionPay diamond card is high-end card, you are willing to pay the annual fee, the bank does not have to pay, and SPD’s diamond card is an exception.Suitable for ordinary qualifications, can not take other union Pay diamond card partners to apply.If you’re sensitive to annual fees, you want to get a UnionPay diamond card with the least cost.So at present, the Bank of China’s Great Wall diamond card is the most recommended.400,000 points are used to deduct the annual fee. Currently, the bank of China card has multiple points, and the minimum consumption is only 80,000 yuan to get 400,000 points.Even the first year’s annual fee can be redeemed with 400,000 points.Is there a less worrying way?Yes, you have to show your “money power”.To become a “wealth client” of Boc (with assets of 1 million yuan per day per month), the annual fee is completely free and the carrying cost is 0.By the way, if you become a “fortune customer”, not only the diamond card will be free of annual fee, if you also have the Bank of China’s World Pole card, Visa Unlimited card, you can also be free of annual fee.1 million yuan, free of three high-end card annual fee, cost-effective.Bank of China this diamond card after a few rounds of “warm”, rights and interests is not much, but as a “real drill”, participate in the “U enjoy force” activities or no problem.Among all the diamond credit cards, Shuai personally likes the Bund Diamond card from Bank of Shanghai the most.Annual fee, 3600 yuan, starting line in diamond card.The second annual fee can also be deducted by points.On the equity side, it’s too strong.Should say in 3600 year fee this first gear, the Bund drill invincible hand.In terms of unlimited domestic airports, high-speed trains, and overseas airport transfers, it is already the best. If it is combined with the rights and interests given by “U Enjoy”, it will be perfect.Of course, this card also has disadvantages, mainly in the application threshold: first, the bank of Shanghai has few branches, only part of the city can apply;The second requirement is the number of lines held by the card, which should be below 9 lines (inclusive).● Unlimited domestic airport transfer service ● unlimited domestic high-speed rail/railway station transfer service ● Unlimited overseas airport transfer service ● 12pm dragon ride ● four times “298” yuan from domestic and foreign high-end hotels ● 24 travel rights and interests points, which can be exchanged for business driving, drinking driving, road rescue, etc. ● 12 sports rights and interests pointsConvertible star hotel fitness swimming, tennis court, badminton hall and other swimming fitness best credit card everbright LC black gold diamond credit card can be said to be born for star hotel swimming fitness.Each month can enjoy 8 times, equivalent to a star hotel fitness annual card, and the hotel’s annual card almost all want more than ten thousand yuan.Relative to everbright LC Black gold 6000 yuan annual fee, or cost-effective.And it’s a metal plate, full of b-bars.Specific is not much introduction, can see this: all metal black gold card – the best swimming fitness credit card summary: true diamond credit card, SPD bright diamond application is the easiest;Bank of China Great Wall diamond holding cost is the lowest;Bank of Shanghai diamonds are the most cost-effective.This article is a supplement to the previous “U Enjoy” article, which one to apply for, I believe that friends have the answer in mind.If you have any questions, please leave a comment.