Dashi Buyi Nationality township, Xiuwen County: “a melon, a warehouse and a courtyard” to build a beautiful livable home

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“My children are not at home, and my eyes are not good when I get old. I would like to offer 1,000 yuan of my own free will. Thank you.”If I build a flower pond here and there, and plant some flowers and plants, my courtyard will be beautiful in the future…”Recently, a demonstration site for rural revitalization in Gaofeng Village of Dashibuyi ethnic Minority township in Xiuwen County has been in full swing, with villagers devoting themselves to the construction of beautiful and livable new homes.In 2022, Gaofeng Village was listed as a demonstration site for county-level rural revitalization. The village adapted measures to local conditions and carried out construction work with “one melon, one barn, one courtyard” as the positioning.”One melon” — Gaofeng Village will develop honeybee pumpkin planting of 62 mu. The project adopts the mode of “leaseback and subcontracting”. Farmers will invest their land into the village collective, and the village collective will be responsible for the initial investment of seeds, seedling trays and fertilizers, receive technical guidance from the county and township levels, and be responsible for market operation, sales and organization and coordination.The masses involved are responsible for the field management, picking, sales measurement and other work of the plot. The labor evaluation is 5 days/mu, and the labor remuneration is 4%/ day of the gross income of the plot.50% of the gross income from planting shall be used for dividends to the masses (guaranteed profit: 300 yuan/mu);Set up a special account fund pool for industrial development, and inject 30% of the gross income from planting into the fund pool, which will be used to cover the deficit and surplus caused by planting costs, future annual rolling development and operation risks, so as to ensure sustainable development;Twenty percent of the gross income from planting is used to develop and strengthen the collective economy of the village.”Yicang” — “A good stone cangtou, cangang closed rhinoceros, who knows the broken, generations of princes”.This is a folk song that has long been circulating in Gaofeng Village.”Gao Yan shi cang” is located in gao Feng village gao Yan group, covers an area of more than 400 mu, there are qifeng different stone densely covered, stone gully stone caves.The landscape is composed of stone teeth, dissolving ditch and stone cave, especially stone teeth. Among them, “husband and wife stone”, “camel stone”, “lying lion stone”, “one line sky” and other lifelike landscapes, known as “mimicry zoo”.As early as 2002, Gaofeng Village began to develop “high soap stone warehouse”, but due to the influence of traffic, geographical location and other factors, “high soap stone warehouse” influence is limited.Taking advantage of the opportunity of building a demonstration site for rural revitalization, Gaofeng Village plans to build a footpath, plant flowers and plants in the stone barn, consolidate infrastructure, and “build a nest to attract the phoenix”.”One garden” — Courtyard renovation of Gaofeng Village is mainly to demolish disorderly buildings, improve housing functions, and build flower pools, small vegetable gardens and small orchards, aiming to create a livable production and living environment.”Can I draw a picture for my family? This wall picture is nice!”Li Yongxing, a villager, envied his neighbor’s newly completed wall paintings, which were colorful, beautiful and generous.In order to beautify the living environment and create a strong publicity atmosphere, Gaofeng Village creates hand-painted walls with the theme of industrial prosperity and local culture, which has been praised by the masses.Standing at a new historical starting point, GaoFeng Village with rural revitalization strategy opportunity, to seize the new nation no. 2 file spirit, the development of plant kiwi fruit of more than 1000 mu, plums, grapes, Chinese prickly ash, etc. More than 200 acres, leisure culture plaza, building facade renovation, the implementation of the project such as national cultural promenade, village CunMao look brand-new, the people get feeling, happiness is growing.Correspondent Zhong Zhengchao editor Tian Ju editor Tan Shilun Luo Chang