A full range of security to introduce you to the new LYNk 01

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With the rapid development of the automobile industry, now the major automobile enterprises gradually add intelligent and technological configuration to the car.To attract more young users and consumers.However, as the car more and more young, more and more fashion, vehicle safety and their own safety is gradually ignored by the car companies, has become a point that the car companies no longer pay attention to.The LYNk 01 has achieved good results in the latest e-NCAP crash test results, which not only ensures safety but also a technology and luxury SUV.According to Euro NCAP’s latest safety test results, Lynk & Co 01 has been awarded the highest safety rating of five stars, the best result for a Chinese brand since the introduction of new Euro NCAP regulations.Among them, the adult occupant protection assessment score is 96%, which is the highest score of all the tested models since the implementation of the new regulations.It can stand out in the authoritative test of industry benchmarking, confirming once again the hard core strength of LYNk 01 five-star safety.To know, the new LYNk 01, born on the CMA platform, continues the safety gene of WO wO, and puts forward a unique “global safety concept” through up to 20 active driving assistance and passive safety design such as high-strength cage body and energy absorption box.Let the vehicle collision after the maximum protection of the safety of the occupants of the vehicle.Led g 01 can so excellent achievements in the test, mainly the high strength of body structure, body is composed of a variety of high strength steel material, use accounted for 73.2%, WHIPS active protection system (head and neck, pre-tightening force limited seat belts, cli dynamic locking the lock tongue is for the safety of the driver provides the all his strength.Of course, LYNk adheres to the unique “global safety concept” and is always committed to creating safety standards with a non-compromising attitude. It provides passengers with full security protection from passive safety, active safety, pedestrian safety, environmental safety, property safety and electricity safety.The LYNk 01 is not only excellent in active safety, but also considerate in passive safety. The intelligent driver assistance system can reduce driver fatigue, and the fourth generation millimeter wave radar and camera algorithm make the vehicle drive more accurately and intelligently.At the same time, it is also a very practical configuration in this era of science and technology.HWA Highway Assist system, ELKA Emergency Lane Keeping System, TJA Traffic Jam Assist system can better observe the surrounding environment through the coordination of radar and camera, helping drivers to make a prediction in advance.Make driving safety more guaranteed.While ensuring pedestrian and passive safety, the safety of passengers in the car is not ignored.Lynk pays great attention to the interior environment safety of the new LYNk 01. Through the use of high-quality materials, the VOC content is 68 times higher than the national JIA standard.Green cabin, CN95 level filter element, AQS air quality management system, active cockpit cleaning system, effectively isolate the pollution outside the car, protect the health of passengers.Keep the air in the car fresh at all times.It is worth mentioning that the new LYNk 01 has the same level of unique active cockpit cleaning function, automatic huo when unlocking, 1 minute to complete 2 times the volume of the compartment ventilation, while clearing chu due to the volatiles produced by sun exposure, pre-create a fresh cockpit environment.In addition, the safety of the new LYNk 01 is not only for fuel models, but also for PHEV models, such as three-power safety and wading.And lynk PHEV model in the whole area on the basis of the concept of safety, especially the introduction of three electric safety.In view of battery fire anxiety, LINKEk PHEV adopts physical protection, software protection and isolation protection, triple super protection, in extreme cases, can do the battery system timely cut off, battery external protection does not damage, internal structure does not spread, clear chu fire hidden danger.Overall, the safety of the new LINke 01 can not be underestimated, no matter in active safety or passive safety, or driving safety and pedestrian safety have achieved the existence of benchmark in the level.In this era when major car companies are scrambling to highlight technology and intelligence, it seems that only LYNk does not subtract from safety, but also adds.Ensure your driving safety at all times, and as a vehicle, safety is always ranked first. The new LYNk 01 can achieve such a comprehensive safety guarantee and can get such good results in international tests, which is worth learning from other car companies.